We have always come across physicians & nutritionists who have always suggested their patients to consume adequate quantity of the leafy vegetables- either raw or par boiled as they are the nourishing agents that are required for the healthy functioning of the human body & help to rejuvenate the cells & boosting of the immunity system. Such vegetables also maintain the effective functioning of the heart which forms the nucleus for the proper regulation of all the organs in the body. These are considered to be power-packed punches of essential nutrients which help to keep you activated all day long. This is possible only when there is proper & appropriate consumption of the green leafy vegetables on regular basis.

There is an essential pigment termed as chlorophyll that is present in the leaves of such veggies which not only forms the pivotal agent for the proper functioning of the plant, but also safeguards to human body from the advancement of the cancer cells & cardiovascular diseases. Also helps for the detoxification of the waste toxins that lead to a negative impact on the body.

The fundamental function of the pigment chlorophyll is to absorb the essential sunrays & lead for the effective conversion of this light energy into chemical energy which is mandatory to produce energy for the survival of the plants. The certain leafy vegetables involve spinach, fenugreek leaves, coriander leaves, asparagus, green peas, green olives, lettuce etc all these are rich sources of this element. Following is the list that categorizes its essential benefits which are as follows:

• Chlorophyll helps to rejuvenate the red blood corpuscles & rebuild them, thereby boosting enough energy for the body & helps to vitalize its efficiency.
• It consists of efficient antioxidant & anti-mutagenic properties which helps to cast the role of a catalyst supplementing with the other dietary eateries for the supply of essential nutrients.
• It is a high source of magnesium which is an alkaline material for the supply of oxygen to the brain & other organs of the body. This is also vital for the efficient regulation of heart, muscles, kidneys, liver, metabolism etc.

It is said that we should not overcook these vegetables since it leads to the change in color, thereby causes the conversion of chlorophyll to pheophytins. Thus it is explained by the nutrients that overcooking is bad for our health & these should be consumed in its natural i.e. raw form so as to grab in the benefits.

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