In the recent times, when pollution and dust have become a serious issue for children and old people suffering from diseases like asthma, making the house free from allergen component has become the primary consideration. The prominent home builders have come with various solutions to the problem and come up with innovative building plans that will automatically minimise the allergy quotient and promote healthy living. The allergy free homes in Melbourne have turned out to be a popular choice for most of the residents, and the builders are making their best efforts to ensure people suffering from allergic disorders can find some peace in their house.

However, spending money to design a home that is entirely energy proof may prove to be futile if the indoor cleaning and maintenance are ignored. The window and door placement undoubtedly bring in light and air to your interior. But, it also opens the scope for dust and dirt to enter your house. Especially, those who are living in a traffic zone are more likely to get affected by the dust accumulation. Here are some tips for you that will help you to understand how you should maintain your allergy-free house.

Install necessary air purifying tools

The very first step you need to take for keeping your house is to install an air purifier. If your house remains empty for most of the hours in a day, keep it on during your sleeping hours. Whenever you are about to leave your house, make sure you shut the windows and doors as the pollen level remains high during the traffic hours. In the case, you are living in an area that is extremely humid, use a dehumidifier to mitigate the risk of mould accumulation. Consider it mandatory to keep small plants around the corners of your house that will generate freshness and also keep it free from pollutants.

De-clutter the rooms frequently

Consider it essential to take your time out and clean up the clutter accumulated in your house. The pile of clothes and kid's toys are the most prominent areas for dirt accumulation. Another situation when your home is most likely to get affected by allergen attack is when there is too many furniture all around. You need to organise clutter the furniture and so that you can get the ease of access in all the areas of your house. Regular cleaning and frequent vacuuming can help to keep your house free from allergy prone dust.

Don't use carpet if possible

A lot of people tend to think that using a carpet on the floor will not make much of a difference. However, in reality, carpets are the most likely to dirt accumulation. A little spill can not only cause stain appearance on the carpet, but it can eventually lead you to more stress. If you already started the process of reverse living and got everything accordingly to mitigate the allergy formation, you may consider keeping the carpets away from your house and leave the floor empty. You may take into account using luxurious flooring styles to make the floors look appealing.

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The author has an experience of living in allergy free homes in Melbourne and possesses an adequate information about reverse living.