The stimulation of chronic inflammation often makes make individuals truly feel not cozy inside the perineum, even pain within the waistline, penis, testicles as well as other locations, as well as the urethral stimulation indicate, which then triggers mental pressure, depression, being worried about their personal functionality, and in many cases sense they have misplaced the capability of sex life, which could make the decrease of sexual interest for quite a while.

When triggered by inflammation, untimely ejaculation and agonizing ejaculation may happen. With time, mental fear of sexual daily life will happen, the quantity of sex existence will be reduced, and sexual desire will probably be lessened. So the primary source of sexual dysfunction of chronic prostatitis is mental stress.

Restorative massage can advertise the flow of blood flow and accelerate the decomposition of harmful substances in your body. Massaging the soles of feet is a good health care approach, which may not just protect health but also prevent ailments.

Commonly, a feet massage can significantly induce the reflex area of numerous elements, make your the circulation of blood smooth, remove the metabolic waste accumulated within your body, have the metabolic rate work normal operations, and ultimately get the development outcome.

Furthermore, stimulation of numerous distinct areas of the body operate area can control the activation function of the visceral bodily internal organs, sensible and tiny frequent stimulation can decelerate the primary and peripheral neural system, when fast, weighty and quick stimulation can cause the primary and peripheral neural system. Since massage can regulate the nervous system in our body, it can eliminate mental fatigue and improve sexual dysfunction.

However, massage can only play an auxiliary role and the treatment of chronic prostatitis is indispensable. The formula of herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has broad-spectrum antibacterial effect, which can be used to effectively kill bacteria, improve tissue environment, accelerate blood circulation and eliminate pathological changes.

This herbal medicine can be used for a long time and will not produce any side effects. In the process of using the medicine, it can repair the body tissue damaged by the bacteria. It has the same significant Effect on the complications accompanied by chronic prostatitis. When chronic prostatitis is cured in full, sexual dysfunction can also be enhanced.

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