There may be times when you might require visiting Australia for business purpose. For that, as expected you need to obtain a business visa. Though it is not at all difficult to obtain one, you must know the technicalities that the process involves. This will make obtaining the visa much easier and faster for you.

Taking the first step

To apply for Business Skills or Provisional and Business Talent or Migrant Visas to Australia, you are required to sign a declaration agreement, which says you will meet all the terms and conditions and the requirements once you land in Australia. This may include:

  • Notifying the DIBP or Department of Immigration and Border Protection about your residential address within six months of the initial arrival in Australia
  • Informing the DIBP about any subsequent alterations in the residential address within 28 days of the change. This should include any change in the address outside Australia.

The other onshore obligations

Apart from the requirements mentioned above, you are supposed to fulfil other onshore requirements as well. This will apply if you are a:

  • Business Owner
  • Territory or State Sponsored Business Owner
  • A holder of a Senior Executive Visa
  • A holder of Territory and State Sponsored Senior Executive Visa

Other obligation

After you have obtained a Business Visa for Melbourne visit, you must, with the first 24 hours of your entry to Australia, provide an input into the economy of Australia. You need to do this by getting actively involved as an owner of a part owner at the senior level of a (or multiple) business venture/s.

Then again, the business (es) must fulfil the following criteria:

The business in question must:

  • Develop further business links with the international markers
  • Create new employment in Australia and consistently maintain the same
  • Export Australian goods and services, thereby helping the state earn revenues
  • Produce products and service, which would otherwise have to be imported
  • Introduce newer or improved technical know-how, or
  • Add value to commercial activities and competitiveness with various sectors of the Australian economy.

Obtaining a Provisional Business Visa

If you are to a provisional business visa, you will have to:

  • Obtain a considerable interest of ownership in a business that is run on Australian soil. However, the business must fulfil at least one of the six criteria mentioned in the section mentioned above.
  • Actively take part in the daily business operation and management at a senior level of the said business
  • Continuously keep on making sincere efforts for holding a considerable interest in ownership, while participating in the day to day business operations at a senior level of the business in question

So, terms and conditions to obtain a business visa for any Australian city are entirely different from obtaining a, say, tourists, a student or a partner visa in Brisbane or any other Australian cities.

Again, if you are to obtain a business talent visa, you need to meet all the criteria mentioned above within three years of your entry to Australia. If you fail to do so, that may lead to cancellation of the visa. 

In case you are to obtain an investors visa, you need to maintain your designated investment for a four-year period. Again, if you fail to do so, that may lead to cancellation of your visa.

If you are still confused, you can surely get in touch with any company that helps in obtaining various types of visas to Australia. They will explain things to you in details.

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