One of the key requirements to run a company smoothly is to ensure that every aspect of it is being managed efficiently. While project and inventory management are important processes that help to keep track of the things going on in the office, job management is also a crucial aspect that demands focus.

Job management helps to ensure that employees are being looked after and managed efficiently. Thus getting the right job management software is a prerequisite to keep your company running like a well oiled machine.

What does job management entail?

Job management is a combination of several processes. Starting from proposing the initial quote, to preparing the final invoice, every process in-between falls under the category of job management.

Job management software is designed to streamline and keep a track of all these processes in an organised manner.

With this software you can utilise tools that can help you-

  • Track every job
  • Prepare schedules for staff
  • Keep a record of billable hours worked
  • Utilise GPS tracking
  • Order materials
  • Take payments
  • Prepare and send invoices, and perform a host of other tasks

This type of software is cloud-based and is serves with mobile-friendly functionalities like other job management apps, which can help you share information with your employees and staff from your smart phone. The entire process is simplified and helps to save time while avoiding mistakes which can cost a lot to the company.

What are some of the features of job management software?

Some of the features of the job management software that can help run your company smoothly include:

  • Track job costs:

The software helps you to keep a track of the cost of every job, whether big or small. It enables you to have an entry point for every detail of a cost including materials, labour, expense, inventory, invoices etc. thus helping you to calculate the profitability of any job.

  • Track timesheets:

Keeping a record of timesheets is crucial because it helps to keep a track of the labour hours put in by employees. Thus the integrated timesheet of these softwares help to keep a record of the time your employees spend on each job.

  • Record periodic tasks:

Fulfilling scheduled maintenance jobs for clients are important when it comes to keeping your company’s reputation intact. This software will automatically inform you when periodic maintenance is due, allowing you to easily keep track of these tasks.

  • Automatic job imports:

Receiving and managing hundreds of emails from clients can waste precious time. Thus having a system which helps to convert each email into a job card and map it to a work order, automatically creating a job and saving a lot of time in the process, can be extremely beneficial to your company.

  • Schedule jobs efficiently:

You can assign and schedule jobs for your field employees. With the help of this software you can schedule jobs in the calendar and assign people to work on it, thus making the process much more efficient.

Such job and trade management software can help you manage every job at your company more smoothly. With this software you can do all the tasks and even more, thus resulting in better management of time and resources in your company.


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