The spinal cord is a major part of the human nervous system the vertebrae are a complex structure of ligaments, muscles and bone structures. These vertebrae of the spinal column work together and support the body movement. Under some unfortunate circumstances, the vertebrae start degenerating or become misaligned. This usually happens in arthritis or if there is an inflammation or infection in the spine. Many of these problems can change the structure of the spine or can damage the vertebrae and their surrounding tissue. The Ayurvedic system of medicine or treatment can solve these problems quite easily. Let us look at Ayurvedic treatment for spine problems.

In the Ayurvedic system of treatment, spinal cord treatment is done by non-surgical methods. An Ayurvedic spine specialist in Nagpur will usually treat the spinal problem with the help of Meru Vajreekaranam. In Ayurveda, it is said that spinal problems like all these are caused due to the imbalance between Vata, pita and Kapha doshas.

Panchakarma is also used in the Ayurvedic treatment of slip disc and other spinal problems. The different treatments like Svedana, Vasti, Kati vasti, Meru chikitsa, lepan, Agni karma are followed to treat spinal disorders. These treatments balance the Vata pita and Kapha doshas quite effectively and provide relief from spinal problems. These panchakarma treatments restore the vital doshas and maintain the harmony of the body.

In Ayurvedic treatment, a holistic approach is assumed for the proper functioning of the mind-body and soul. Ayurvedic treatment is natural and hence do not have any harmful side effects. It is also a treatment which is suitable for all ages and backgrounds of people. The best thing is that the ayurvedic treatments can be customized for different people with different requirements.

If you opt for neck pain treatment in Nagpur then it is most likely that the Ayurvedic doctor will ask you numerous questions and maybe even take a test of some kind to ascertain the best Ayurvedic treatment suited for you. Of course, Ayurvedic treatment of the spinal column including the neck will take some time compared to quick fix allopathic systems. You need to be patient and perseverant. The best part is that the Ayurvedic herbs used in the treatment of the spine are also prepared naturally and by hand in the best ayurvedic clinics. Let us look at the different treatments that are used in the treatment of the spinal column.

Vasti – this is very important in Panchkarma treatment of the spinal column, as this treatment is aimed at removing all the Vata doshas in the body which in turn heal the spinal column.

Kati Vasti – This is a famous ayurvedic procedure which helps in treating back pain, lower back pain caused due to spinal disease. In this procedure even the problems caused due to dislocation fractures, tumours and degeneration are cured.

Meru chikitsa - This is an ancient ayurvedic treatment method. Meru means spine and chikitsa means treatment. This method of treatment cures most of the problems related to the spine in which otherwise you would have to opt for surgical procedures. This ayurvedic procedure is cost-effective and prevents the requirement for surgery for your spinal disorders.

All in all spinal column problems are easily treated by Ayurveda and prevent the requirement of surgery and other invasive allopathic treatment.

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