Ayurveda is known to be able to cure many diseases that are considered to be incurable according to allopathy. Few people know that Ayurveda has an effective treatment for cancer also. According to Ayurveda if you know the root cause of an ailment then there is everything in this science that can cure it. Nowadays according to modern research in molecular biology, it has been proven that even cancer is a metabolic disease and Ayurveda has a cure for it. We at Parijatak offers the best Ayurvedic cancer treatment through expert and experienced Ayurvedic professionals with in-depth knowledge of massage therapies and herbal cure required in this science of healing.

The process of the disease is initiated in our cellular powerhouse the mitochondria. Faulty messages are sent to the nucleus of the cells due to reverse messaging inside the cell and hence cancer spreads in the part of the body. In fact, it has been proven that it may take 10-20 years for a normal cell to become a cancerous one. The important changes that occur in the cell during this time are considered to be field effect. These effects can be detected by several metabolic investigations. With the help of this breakthrough research, it will be possible to detect cancer at a very early stage and treat the patients saving many lives.

Mitochondria in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, mitochondria can be considered to be Agni which is one of the five elements of the body. Mitochondria and Agni are inherited from the mother and are responsible for converting food into energy which the body can consume. They both produce heat which is essential for the survival of human beings and also responsible for burning fat. They are also in a dynamic and fluid state and in Ayurveda, it is said that Agni resides in one of the tumors called pitta.

According to Ayurveda if a person's Agni is healthy he or she will remain healthy. Disturbances in Agni can cause many problems including cancer. In fact, if the Agni is completely doused then the person will die. Modern scientists have discovered the same about mitochondria. Such was the in-depth knowledge of the body of our ancient Ayurvedic scientists.

How Ayurveda can Help in Treating Cancer

As discussed above the reverse signals from mitochondria cause cancer, but if the mitochondria are made healthy then it can suppress cancer and Ayurveda takes that very approach. It does that with the help of herbs and a proper dietary plan for the cancer patient. You can even go for the best cancer hospital and opt to choose the reputed doctors there for the best course of treatment.

Ayurveda first of all aims at removing the free radicals in the body. Along with this dirty Kapha, pitta and Vata are removed which causes problems in the functioning of the Agni. Then there comes the task of restoring the strong metabolic function of the Agni. By doing this the conversion of healthy cells into cancerous ones is stopped and the reversing of the cancerous cells is also undertaken. Then the cellular environment is a change that breaks down lactic acid which is, in fact, food for the cancer cells.

Even the immunity of the body is enhanced which acts against the cancerous cells of the body. Some herbs like neem stimulate the tumor suppressor pathways and cause the body to produce more chemicals that destroy the tumor cells. There are also herbs like Tinospora with arresting the development of abnormal cell cycle without affecting the normal cycle. With this, the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells is reduced. There is also the herb ashwagandha which has many properties apart from being anti-cancerous. This herb stops the building of new blood vessels in the cancer cells and this cut of the nourishment that the cancer cells get and eventually they die.

Turmeric is another wonder herb that has many benefits along with being useful in the treatment of cancer. Turmeric blocks the effect of TNA alfa which is a chemical that causes inflammation and it also blocks the NF Kapha B which stops uncontrolled multiplication of cancer cells.
Along with such herbal treatments, even the diet and lifestyle of the cancer patient are modified in order to deal with this deadly disease successfully. However, if you wish to escape the side effects and the discomfort caused by allopathic treatment of cancer then Ayurveda is the right thing for you.

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