Do you know about the various advantages which you can avail yourself of once you join our detox center? If not, then read the complete article to know about the South Florida detox center. We will help you to know about all the nitty-gritty related to the south Florida detox center.

Group rooms

We have group rooms and a cafeteria in our south Florida detox center. You can avail all the facilities here. You can visit the cafeteria with new friends made at the detox center. We have flexible timings for recreational activities and so you can have your entrainment by playing indoor games with your friends or chit-chatting away.

We strive to make sure that you do not face any difficulties while you are at the detox center. We take extra care and provide support so that the time passes quickly and you can get back to your normal life, sooner than expected.


The cafeteria we provide is vibrant and lively to be in. You will feel good once you visit the cafeteria and start spending your time there. You can carry books to the cafeteria or even your laptop and continue with your entertainment while being at the cafeteria.

We also provide extra headphones and a TV system attached to the cabins for the patients so that they are not bored while they stay at the south Florida detox center. The cafeteria has all kinds of food required to take proper care of the health of resident patients.

If you are not a resident patient and have opted for daytime counseling sessions, then you will be able to avail yourself of the cafeteria food items.

Fresh Food

We provide fresh food three times a day to all the resident patients. They can enjoy healthy meals just like they used to do in their homes. The food is prepared after taking great care of the overall hygiene condition.

The cook and the other staff members responsible for the kitchen wear gloves and take proper measures so that any kind of infection can't be spread and the food remains healthy to be consumed. We have a customized menu in which the residents can enjoy different dishes, three times a day.
Also, on top of this if a resident patient is not satisfied with the food quality or the choice of menu decided by the detox center, then he or she can visit the in-house cafeteria and enjoy the food of their choice.

You are not allowed to consume food prepared outside of the south Florida detox center premises as it might pose a problem in your recovery process. The food prepared here is strictly customized and looked after to be made specific to the needs of the patients.


As we have come to the end of this article, we have read about the south Florida detox center cafeteria available and the group room available for all the resident patients. We have also read about the customized menu for all the patients which take care of their health.

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We have group rooms and a cafeteria in our south Florida detox center.