A: Actively bless everyone, everything and Always remember to bless yourself as well. Avidly love to bless and Aim to bless as much as possible.

B: Bless you, Bless you, Bless you. Blessings, Blessings, Blessings. BE BLESSED ALWAYS

C: Compassion, Care, concern, conviality, and charity are blessings you can bestow on yourself and all living creatures. Creature comfort is a blessing you can bestow every day.

D: Dare to dream big blessings for yourself and others. Dream your blessings into reality.

E: Extreme benefits come from believing that your life is just one long blessing.

F: Find yourself in blessings. Family and friends need your blessings. Fan blessings all over them.

G: Give blessings for everything you experience and aim to live in a state of grace, graciousness and generosity of spirit. Garner blessings everywhere you go.

H: Heaven on earth is within your grasp when we continuously bless.

I: Imagine a blessed world. Imagine the best blessings for you and everyone.

J: Just bless away.

K: Keep on blessing. Keep going, Keep going onwards and upwards towards more blessings.

L: Love is the greatest expression and blessings are love in action.

M: Marvelous blessings surround you and your world

N: Niceness has its rewards and bestowing blessings is certainly a nice thing to do.

O: Overflowing blessings are yours for the taking. Overflow with blessings and you will overflow with love, companionship and joyful experiences.

P: Power up your life with blessings. Powerful blessings are the engine of growth for greater success, happiness and joy. Priceless are blessings, so positively bless.

Q: Quintessential blessings are those that hit the spot. Quiet blessings can be quintessential blessings. Quietly bless but reap loud benefits.

R: Rock up a storm and reap the richest blessings of health, peace of mind and contentment.

S: Simply love blessings. Simply bless and you will simply be blessed in return.

T: Truly blessed you are. Truly believe you are blessed and take the time to enjoy the blessings. Thank you comes from lips every day: Thanks for all the blessings, thanks.

U: Up the ante and go all out to bless. Unbelievably good blessings are yours for the taking, enjoying and spreadings. Undertake to be a blesser of blessings.

V: Value blessings: yours and those who bless you.

W: Walk in a great vortex of blessings, swirling around you, touching and blessing you and all who see you.

X: X marks the spot, so mark lots of spots with blessings. Xmas blessings too. Xmas blessings can last the whole year through, so live in the spirit of the Xmas always: love, joy and goodwill to all men, women and children.

Y: You are a walking blessing. You are the best, the greatest and so loved. Yes you are.

Z: Zoom in on what is good in your life. Zoom it so large that you see only good. Zoom in to all your blessings because you have so many, so many.

Author's Bio: 

Susan McKenzie is an English teacher who loves to bless. More blessings are at www.abetoday.com