Ordinary people still often associate exercise with only burning fat and calories that aim to lose weight. In fact, exercise also provides other benefits that are no less important, namely increasing muscle mass. However, not a few people who rarely know about this. What is it about muscle mass and its ins and outs? You can find out ways to increase muscle mass on https://musclenation.net

Understanding muscle mass itself is the size of the muscles possessed by a person's body. You may have a small or large muscle mass. Large muscles in a person are muscles that are produced from certain physical exercises or activities. The easiest example for us to see is the bodies of athletes who routinely exercise with certain programs. They must have a bigger hand, chest and leg muscles than our muscle mass.

While small muscles are muscles that are rarely used for activities. For example, people who are sick and long in the hospital, they will have smaller leg muscles than other people. This is because the foot is not moved and is not used for walking.

In addition, muscle mass can also be understood as fiber in the muscle that is formed from the protein we eat. Therefore, if you want to increase muscle mass, then you must increase protein intake through the food you eat. Conversely, if you want to reduce muscle mass, then you also have to reduce your intake of high protein foods or even go on a protein diet. In order to maintain your muscle mass as desired, make sure you consume foods with the right amount of protein and appropriate.

Not only food, but certain types of exercise will also affect your muscle mass. For example, exercise or free exercise (free weight) which is a type of exercise without using certain tools but relying on your own body weight, will provide greater muscle mass results compared to doing sports with special equipment such as those in fitness centers (fitness).

As a result, you need to know what type of exercise and exercise you need to do to build certain muscles. If you want to get a good shape on your arms, then you can do exercises using barbells. However, if you want to build leg muscles or burn fat on your thighs, you can do running or lifting weights using your feet.

The amount and intensity of the exercise and exercise that is done also determine the muscle mass in your body. The more often you practice and exercise, the smaller the muscle mass that will be generated in the body. But if you want to increase body muscle mass, you should exercise with fewer repetitions for each set. However, you need to do this using heavier weights.

Do not forget, if you want to increase muscle mass, you also need to take energy-enhancing supplements before exercising. It is also important for you to know how to count the number of calories in food to help run a food control program that you run in a healthy and orderly manner.

For most people who regularly go to the gym, the ultimate goal they want is to build muscle mass and also tighten muscles. Even though you might have done a lot of research and watched lots of exercise videos online. But in fact, many people still make various common mistakes that can cause them to be slow in getting results. And also can slow down the process they are doing. Here are some things that cause your muscle mass to not increase:

You Don't Eat Enough

One of the main reasons why you don't increase muscle mass is because you don't eat enough. As well as not eating important food, you are not eating enough of the right foods. Everyone likes to argue about how important protein is. But carbohydrates and fats are also just as important when we want to grow body muscle mass. You have to target 2.2g for protein, 5.5g for carbohydrates. And 0.6 fat per kg of body weight per day as needed to see real results.

Lack of Rest

Maybe you think that what you do is all about practice. But adequate rest is often overlooked by some people. Everyone has a busy life now. And usually, people will have little sleep and not give their bodies time to recover. To be able to replenish your body's energy effectively, then you should target at least 8 hours of sleep per night. But listen to your body's own needs! If you are tired and you think that you need a break, you can take a day to stop doing activities like exercise and relax so that the muscles can relax for a moment.

Too Much Cardio

Many people dream if they can reduce fat while doing the process of building their muscle mass that involves a lot of cardio activity. Meanwhile, when doing the cardio activity, when the body does the process of burning fat then, in fact, they can also slow down the development of muscle mass too. If you want to reduce and increase, all you can do is integrate your HIIT cardio session into the exercise you are doing. In addition, intense and short exercises will increase your heart rate and help maintain and maintain your muscle development.

Incorrect technique

If you want to build muscle, then there is no point in using the smallest possible load to maximize your energy. The hypertrophy repetition range is around 8 to 12 reps, so you must consistently push yourself to lift heavier weights. Set the target you want to achieve, and when you can easily do 3 sets of a certain weight, then increase 5% to give yourself more challenges.


If you are not at a time of solid exercise, your body will not respond to the exercise. You need to do exercises on every part of your body at least once a week. Likewise, you also have to be a person who is consistent with your diet and resting patterns which will bring your body to develop as you wish.

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Dr. Johnson has expertise in human biology and works on how body muscles affect the whole development of a human being. He shares now and then his opinion publicly.