Luxury bedding plays a central role in making a home beautiful. It forms part of the finishing touches that although may seem small, actually make a huge, overall visual impact and first impression.

You may have beautiful bedroom furniture but if your bedding design is below par then its features will not stand out. Luxury bedding is necessary to be warm and comfortable throughout the night, but it is also an important accessory that complements the rest of your bedroom.

Bedding Collections

Bedding collections, like all other soft furnishings are a matter of choice. Modern bedding and more traditional bedding sets are available at Dusk. Our range of white bedding collections are particular favourites for those wanting to create a luxurious tone to their bedroom. The full range covers every size, from single bed linen to king size duvets.

Dusk’s Venice bedding collection is one of the most popular choices for those looking to recreate the boutique hotel look in their own homes. Made with cotton sateen weave, the silky sheen is soft to the touch and creates an indulgent and decadent finish to look at.

Alternatively, there is the Milano bedding set in either grey or natural colours, both adding a subtle edge of colour. The cotton percale material gives a fresh and clean finish and the oxford border’s clean lines complement the clean finish of this beautiful bedding set.

Do I need a luxury bedding pillow?

The simple answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Not only it is important to keep your head and neck supported and comfortable throughout the night, it is also important that your pillow is in keeping with the luxury and sophistication you have created in your bedroom.

The role of throw and cushions.

Luxury cushions and throws are a staple ingredient when it comes to creating and maintaining a beautiful home. Our unique range of luxury throws and cushions look simply stunning on their own or as a layer of luxury within an already deluxe bedding set. Dusk’s luxury faux fur is a firm favourite for those looking to add warmth and texture to their bedding. The impactful design with short and soft pile creates an instant statement in any room. The St Ives light grey knitted throw creates a design statement of a different kind, with its soft chucky knit finish and pastel colour, its subtly charming yet modest and elegant, all rolled into one.

Mattress Protection

Mattress and pillow protection may not seem like your usual luxury bedding items but if you want to maintain a luxury feel to your bedroom then a mattress protector and pillow protectors are important. Dusk’s mattress protector is made from 100 % cotton which means that as well as protecting, they are also keeping you cool and fresh in the summer months. Similarly, our pillow protectors keep luxury locked in with 100% quilted cotton for maximum head support and comfort throughout the night.

So, whether it is designer bedding , stylish cushions, luxurious throws or a few practical solutions to maintaining the quality of your bedroom, Dusk has the perfect array of products to make your complete luxury bedroom package.

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From design to production, the DUSK team works tirelessly to create bedding you will love at affordable prices without affecting the luxurious feel and quality we aim for. We hand select all the materials that go into making our range and work directly with the mill to produce beautiful bedding designed to our unique specifications. Each item is then tried and tested by the team to meet our high expectations of linen bedding sets before being made available to purchase from our website