John Bouthillette is a well known police veteran who has been given the accolades of serving the police force with all his heart. The officer was appointed to succeed the former police chief, Wesley Bomber, who had been in the service for the last 45 years. The unrelenting dedication of Bouthillette had been recognized and awarded with the highly coveted award for the armed forces, Purple Heart award medal. He is now the Chief of Police in South River region, New Jersey.

Officer John Bouthillette started his long path in his career son after graduating with a B.S.H.S. Administration of Justice degree from Thomas Edison State College. He then proceeded to pursue his law enforcement training at Federal Bureau of investigation National Academy. In addition to the academic accolades he holds at the moment, he is still pursuing further education. At the moment, he is pursuing a Master’s degree in the Human Resources Training and Development from the Seton Hall University.

John Bouthillette is also an accredited first responder by Red Cross. Besides, he has also been certified by New Jersey State Police Training Commission Smith and Wesson as the Transitional Pistol Firearms instructor

The exemplary performance of Bouthillette has been awarded severally after showing outstanding feats in the line of duty. Among the most notable rewards that this officer has received includes Medal of Honor Award, Purple Heart Award and Citation of Valor.

John Bouthillette also has wide expertise in different areas including: leadership, specialized training, community and student education, program funding and presentations. He is also one of the few officers that have been accredited to take part in the FBI emergency management program. He holds a solid record in law management, enforcement and program development.

The officer is also an avid affiliate and officer of the distinguished law enforcement organizations such as Middlesex County 200 club, Middle sex County Association of Chiefs of Police, FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association and Internal Association of Chiefs of Police.

Since he began his career, John Bouthillette has been held highly by fellow law enforcers. He is also well-acclaimed by state, local and federal law enforcement agencies. He has always been ready to put his life at risk for other people. For instance, he and his colleagues got injured while trying to subdue a 33 year old man who had run berserk and wanted to kill his mother before he was short by the police. His work to the local and state community can be clearly seen and that is why he is held like a trend setter.

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Barbara Cooks can be a member of the authorities. She has been a long standing representative and is famous by equally her superiors and her colleagues. When not busy patrolling her routes, she emulates John Bouthillette and usually spends plenty of time updating individuals about her occupation and also on police force through the twitter account which she had set up.