Want to style your pergola? Why not add plants to it? It could be an efficient way to give shade from the blistering sun during the summer and create a relaxing ambience. The use of pergola is versatile that maximises your backyard appeal and give character to outdoor living space.

With a well-designed pergola design, a lot of homeowners love to do some decorative work. And, as reported, most of the Australian homeowners love the beauty and charm of plants when they are placed nicely across the outdoor areas.



Styling pergolas with plants can give you more privacy due to the coverage with leaves and blossoms. And, when it comes to choosing plants that can cover your pergola best, pergola builders in Brisbane suggest some floral plants to add aesthetic appeal or personal touch to your outdoor entertainment space.

  1. Inviting Colourful Blossoms: It takes a simple collection of potted flowers to make your pergola appealing. With a cluster of pots containing different flower species, can create a big impact. Species like Camellias, Azaleas could be a great choice to enhance the look of your front or back yard.
  1. Hanging Plants: Don’t want to take too much of space of your pergola or veranda while decorating with plants? So, instead of potted plants, you can use some hanging plants. For this idea, you can position the pots at the eye level and let it hang from the rafters. Australia’s native plant Diuris can be an all-rounder for this purpose.
  1. Ferns: These are sun-loving plants and require less care if it is growing across the shady place. Moreover, ferns breed in darker spots under the moist and shady space, and it is perfect for covering the pergola. The fresh and green plants give a sheer joy while growing tall and dense. It can let you make am ideal organic screen.
  1. Dwarf Fruit Trees: Love trees dripping with fruit? Nothing could be as enchanting as an orchard of potted fruit trees those are buzzing with bees around its fruit and blossoms. Dwarf fruit trees add an elegant structure, add delicious scent to your pergola.
  1. Climbers: Among Aussies, such plant species are quite popular. They grow rapidly while emphasising the shape of your pergola. If you love the net-style or filtered shade, then vine tendrils offer nice fragrance of beautiful flowers that help you to maximise the overall aesthetics of your garden. However, there are a number of disadvantages of using these plants, as they require a lot of maintenance like watering and pruning to produce a lot of debris throughout the year. But, with these little maintenances, this plant type can add an aesthetic value to your home.
  1. Succulents: Love low maintenance plants? Why not try Succulent? With a versatile family of plants, they are found quite unusual in appearance. With minimal watering, you can enjoy the green lush of this plant throughout the year.

Hope you got an idea of which plant to choose that can better match your backyard with colour and scent.

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