As the weather gets cooler, we start thinking more and more about supplying heating resources to our home. And, if you love the wood heat, there are some important factors to consider when choosing the right firewood as fuel to burn. Here’s is the best wood selection guides for your fireplace that you will enjoy sitting back and relax in the warmth.

What’s the Properties of Firewood: 

Wood is the natural substance, which is vulnerable to various environmental element. Different species, weather conditions, and age is the factor that compromises the wood quality and respectively impacts the performance of in generating warmth.



Hardwood VS Softwood: 

There are two main types of wood available, which are hardwood and softwood. These terms refer to the amount of water cells in the wood, not the hardness of the wood. And, softwood burns faster than the high-density hardwoods with hotter and taller flames. On the other hand, the hardwood burns slower and steadily causing warmth for longer.

Available Heat: 

The measure of heat is equal to the calorie value of the wood. The available heat is measured in kilojoules/gm of the wood. The density of the softwood allows it to produce more energy than the softwood.

The Moisture Content: 

A freshly cut tree is as same as sponge-soaked in water. Hence, before you take wood for the fire, make sure it is completely seasoned or dried out. Igniting green firewood can be difficult since it gives 40% energy of dry firewood. However, ideally, the wood should be dried up to 10-20% moisture content for the best performance.

Find out the local suppliers involved in firewood for sale in Macedon Ranges who cut, split, hand stacked in a dry as well as properly ventilated space for at least 6-12 months before selling it for use.


Ignition shows how easy it is to light firewood. Low-density wood is easier to light than denser or dry wood. However, the fresh-cut woods with higher level is made of unstable molecules in the structure, which is the reason why they light and burn easily than those with less volatile chemicals.



Why Choose Redgum?

Choose the dried, cut and split Australian standard redgum firewood that complies with Firewood Association of Australia. The Redgum Hardwood burns hotter and cleaner with a more heat output than the standard local wood. At a standard Macedon Ranges firewood supply, you will find sawmill offcuts that age from 10-15 years while ensuring lowest moisture content possible. Did you know these logs are great for pizza ovens and those are available with no rots or bugs? The higher BTU or British Thermal Unit of Redgum will keep your house consistently warmer for a long time that will last until the morning with coals ready to use again.

Selecting the right wood isn’t as simple as going down to your local retailers and choose anything that looks good and cheap. The type of firewood you will choose can create a big impact on your fireplace performance as well as safety.

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The Author is into Firewood for Sale in Macedon Ranges and writes blogs and articles to make consumers aware of the firewood utilities, selection and best deals in the market.