Before moving on with what and how our construction bidding software can assist bid managers and bidding team. Let us first discuss what a bid actually is. A bid is a procedure where one company considers purchasing the services of a vendor. To simplify this process lets understand that there is a government agency that invites companies to submit bids on a project. Many companies then start preparing a bid document, which discusses what the company would be able to provide, their timeline, and, of course, the cost.

So if we need to sum up in a sentence, we can say that “It is everything from ensuring compliance, to responding to questions”.

The role of a bid manager is that he will prepare the supporting documents, model answers and case studies of previous contracts. These can be work-shopped and quality assured in order to guarantee the strongest possible bid.

Once a PQQ or ITT is released the bid manager will assess the company for compliance and begin gathering all the required information to respond to the questions. Following this the submission can be completed.

Construction Bids Process:

Tendering and bidding is an integral part for the construction companies procuring building contracts. But whether you’re participating in construction bids for global construction or a small local builder, you'll find problems as the process for construction bids is long and even risky.

First let us understand what process does the construction companies have to go through for bidding in construction bids. The company will first have to prepare a construction bids template or construction bids sheet, with the required document on which construction companies present their formal bid in their effort to win a project.

In the conventional method of the construction bids the process for the construction companies starts with selecting a contractor or an architectural firm to develop a design for the building or project. Once that design is completed and approved by the client, the architect then puts the design out for bids. While the architect may want to know more information about a contractor than just their price, the price is the primary reason for the selection of most primary contractors.

However, the process does not end here. A bid manager will have to further follow up on the bid and, regardless of the result, will request feedback in order to improve future bid submissions.

As a Bid manager he will have to ensure the smooth running of the bid for a project within the stipulated time and financial framework, and cope the relationship with the client. Bid managers have to work in synchronicity with a bid director, specialists for the construction bids create and manage the bid for a project.

With responsibility comes accountability that a Bid Manager he is liable for such as:

~ Carry end to end responsibility from the receipt of the proposal to the closure of the bid
~ Proposal Planning and Tracking
~ Provide Response Strategy
~ Obtain necessary approvals required for the bids
~ Overall Coordination for strategic decisions & directions
~ Participate in proposal defense
~ Participate in contract review
~ Ensure knowledge capture and updation of repository
~ Ensure transition to delivery with sign off in case of win
~ Responsible for production of the bid, integrating technical and other sections of the document
~ Responsible for the final version of the proposal

As a Bid Team the Bid Managers have to:

1. Provide support in proposal planning, tracking and identification of risks

2. Provide support in preparing & review estimates efforts

3. Review proposal for alignment with the acceptance criteria

The problem in this situation is that as a bid manager you may find there comes a point when you simply can’t deliver anymore. Your brain becomes slowed by the persistent intimidation of meeting deadlines and fulfilling your concerned clients, and regardless of how many wins you may be securing because of working on semi-automated, person dependent, un-synchronized tools. With fewer resources than usually required. Needless to say, bid teams are always stretched and stressed and unquestionably there is a limit to how much of yourself which you can pour in to your job before the cracks start to show and rifle through:

-Coordination with your bid team
-Decisions of Bid/NoBid (Go/No-Go decisions)
-Coordination and Timely receipts of required Documents
-Documents from multiple sources
-Managing Change

Your Bid Desk is getting exhausted with just coordination and follow-ups, change the KRA and see the results.

What if the construction companies have a possibility to change Bid Desk KRA from submitting bids to submitting “winning” bids? With the help of a construction bid management software ? Of course, it’s the sales manager’s KRA to win the deal but the Bid Desk can play a vital contribution in assuring he gets there and in the process deliver greater value to the organisation.

However imagine having a construction bidding software that is a digital RFP-response platform for B2B turn-key solution that will bring together all your processes and data related to – bids, pricing, and competition into a single, integrated, repository platform, consisting of all the below features:

Increase Bid Team Productivity- No more wasteful efforts on document retrieval, follow ups or chasing approval. Have every member of the Bid on the same page.

Digitization + Analytics- Digitize your Bid Processes and exploit analytics both from a single integrated platform.

We help you win RFPs & Tenders- A synchronized, intelligent platform that can handle your entire ‘RFP -to- Approval Process’.

Improve your deal win rates- Brings all your deal win rates and pricing data into a single repository and helps you to derive powerful insights that help you make a deal winning decision.

Better Business Controls- Ensure deal assessment and compliance is long available even after the deal is sealed.

A construction bid management software that will offer process trails, revisions, reviews which can help you keep a proper track and history of all bids.

↣This construction bidding software will help you to save your time from deluge spreadsheet. Assign, contribute, review and consolidate the solution and pricing as per the customer format. All the participants work on a single, integrated structure. Make last minute synchronization and validation a thing from the past.

↣ Get clear visibility of Bid status and progress. With multiple teams working on a bid, visibility, early warning and prompt communication play a key role.

↣ Find all your approval, revisions and justifications. You will now with the help of the bid management solution will never have the need to ask questions like “When was this discount approved?” “By whom?” etc.

A construction bidding software will be your one stop solution for all your problems that will succeed in manual and traditional bid management process because making improvements in the bidding process will not only reduce costs and time delays. It could lower the risks of clients paying over the odds for projects and help boost the profitability of construction companies. A much simpler and an easier way to reduce the time to develop your commercial bid - from weeks to days. So why wait ? Unlock the opportunity of winning more bids with our construction bidding software !

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