Nowadays, slimming spa treatment like Jacuzzi, saunas, lipo massages, laser therapy etc. are working wonders. These are the treatments claim melting off the fat while reducing the cellulite from the problem area. You will further require no surgery or no pills. Simply go to a spa, relax and let the experts work. Here are a few relaxing treatments that may benefit you-

Jacuzzi: For jacuzzi, warm water is spread with jets over the problem area. It's super relaxing, but is it enough to melt the fat? Well, according to the research, jacuzzi improves blood circulation besides increasing the body temperature. So, they burn the extra calories but not as much as you thought of it. For example, an individual with 150 pound burns about 36 calories after spending 20 minutes in jacuzzi, which is 5 calories more than those rolling on the couch and watching. Though, people who jog for 20 minutes burn almost 220 calories.

Saunas: Saunas improve blood circulation and cause a person burning calories with a lot of sweating. However, saunas burn more calories than jacuzzi, but it does not cause significant weight loss. In most cases, any gained weight is mostly the water weight that has been gained in day one or two.

Elctrosimulation for fat loss: In this system, the electrodes are used to send a mild electric current to the problem area of your body. This can effectively increase the blood flow, and in turn, triggers the muscle contraction that can cause fat burn. This process can reshape the body parts while melting away the inches of fats in the process of reducing the cellulite. The single session lasts up to 30-90 minutes and costs anywhere between 100-300 bucks. However, it may require you to go through several sessions to get the desired results. According to the researchers, the electrosimulation causes the sweating, which in turn promotes weight loss, which is nothing but water weight loss. However, the water weight is gained as soon as you drink plenty of water. So, ideally, electrosimulation can be used to increase the flow to a particular body part.

Lymphatic drainage massage: lymphatic drainage massage significantly not only provides the relaxation but also reduces the inflammation. While unclogging the lymph nodes, it subsequently stimulates toxin removal. It is useful to remove toxins from the body after a fat loss workout. Organic spa treatment in Melbourne used similarly to scrub, smoothen and tone the body part.

Laser therapy: In this treatment procedure, laser and infrared lighting are used to apply heat to a specific part of your body to melt the fat. Be it thighs, buttocks or other, a suction device is applied to a specific part of the body to create the heat that melts away the fat, and the suction simultaneously creates better blood flow. Although results are temporary, you don't have to worry about your flabby look getting flat and toned muscle.

The bottom line is most slimming spa treatments don't work on fat loss, but great at providing the slimming effect due to improved lymphatic drainage and water loss.

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The author is a specialist who carries out organic slimming spa treatments in Melbourne that has earned many positive treatment reviews.