Where SQL Server Gets Used? - Microsoft SQL Server database management system is used in almost all working areas for the management of databases. DBA creates applications and databases in it and users use those applications and database to carry out different tasks. It comes in different editions but, its popular editions, which can be seen on most of the computers, are SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008. Maximum users use MS SQL Server 2005 version among these editions. The database storage file, which gets created in this relational database management system SQL Server, is MDF file. The entire database of SQL Server including Triggers, Tables, Stored Procedures, Functions, Views, etc gets stored in this file. If anything unpleasant happens with this file then, MS SQL Server fails to start and SQL users face many errors.

What Are Encryption and Decryption Keys In Microsoft SQL Server? - Encryption and Decryption are the two keys, which gets created in SQL Server engine. No one (DBA as well as SQL Server user) can see these encryption and decryption keys. The encryption keys automatically get changed at the back to decryption keys in SQL Server engine. When a SQL user enters his authentication ID or password, the encrypted SQL Server database objects get decrypted and the SQL Server user becomes able to access them. Sometimes, due to mistake of SQL Server user or hardware issues or Virus Corruption, these encryption keys get deleted and MS SQL Server User becomes unable to Decrypt SQL Server Database objects like Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Functions, Keys, etc. He enters the correct Login ID and Password but, he becomes unable to decrypt his database objects.

What to Do to Decrypt SQL Stored Procedures and Other Database Objects? - In situations when, SQL Server Users or Administrator fail to Decrypt SQL stored procedure or other database objects due to damage or corruption Encryption files, SQL Decryptor software can work for them. By using this third party SQL Decryptor software, the SQL users and DBA can easily decrypt encrypted SQL Server database objects. This software gives the ability to decrypt all SQL Server database objects like SQL Stored Procedures, Tables, Triggers, Indexes, Functions, Views, Schema, etc. The user just has to fill few mandatory fields like Server Name, User Name, Password, Database Name, etc to begin SQL Decryption process with this software. The software doesn’t make changes in the information of database objects during decryption process. Decryption of the database objects of all MS SQL Server editions is possible with the help of this software.

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Company has added one more tool in its SQL Server Users section. SQL Recovery and SQL Backup Recovery were already there and SQL Decrypt or is the new tool, which has been added now and with the help of it, the users can easily Decrypt SQL stored procedure