Today each one us knows how important it is to conduct a property inspection.  Each of the property buyers wants his/her home is safe as well as a sound place to live in and worth investing for.  A brand new home looks fine upon first visit and people assume everything is in order. Starting from the manicured lawn, to polished floors, fresh paints etc. are few things that excite buyers easily, and they soon end up closing the sale and forget about the inspection that is most important to ensure the deal is profitable enough in the long run.

Even if there is everything in shape and order, from pebbles to iron nails, then what's more that could go wrong? Here are a few problems that brand-new homes can have. Well, there is not one thing, a number of things could go wrong starting from malfunctioning electrical connections, fault drain line connections, inferior paints, noisy windows, to the absence of exhaust fan or insulation.

As construction of house involves a number of contractors and workers working in different areas and system, it’s quite challenging to coordinate the tasks happening simultaneously at different levels. Hence, it is essential to run the inspection for each phase in detail.

Municipal Inspections Are Not Adequate:  Home inspections those are conducted by an independent firm are quite different from the inspections done by the local council. Municipal inspections are not as thorough as the job done by the private building inspections in Perth. Council appointed staffs do not keep track of the quality of work and the materials they use are not top-grade. Instead, they only check whether a house is built according to the applicable building codes. Hence, these are the factors that motivate homeowners to take a comprehensive service on property inspection

Problems Can Be Fixed Before Paying: Even if the builder you have chosen is the most efficient one, he or she can build an exceptional house but not the perfect one. Just think, there is an innumerable number of components, a huge number of details and a lot of simultaneous work that make it impossible to oversee each of them and ensure soundness. 

So, it is better to run inspection by an independent inspector during the phases like roof frame and exterior wall construction, open walls and pre-insulation stage as well as a final walkthrough. Well, the first two phases are the most important ones, as it the firm home framework only can hold up the entire house. Reviewing frameworks like roof and wall conceal any substandard work on your home’s basic structure.

Builder’s Warranty:  It is necessary that homebuilders should make a final round of new house inspection to spot and repair the problems before buyers spot them. However, if you find that your builder is telling that he/she won’t fix the issues, which are being covered by the code of violation, just step back. Any delicate work won’t be acceptable if those are found during the inspection. Whether or not the repairs come under the breach of the code, builders should see those repairs as per their warranty.

While capping off the content here, you advised not to take the words of those builders as the final one, seek professional help and make sure the job is done correctly.

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Author’s Bio: The author is a professional online blogger as well as the co-owner of a building inspection firms in Perth. This article on new house inspection is aimed to instruct readers on the reasons of conducting professional inspection for new homes.