Car accidents can result in various types of damage to vehicles, its occupants, other road users, property etc. When your vehicle has been damaged, or the occupants of your vehicle have been injured in a car accident that was caused by someone else's fault or negligence, it's wise to contact a skilled car accident attorney, Miami. You may be entitled to compensation.

Why Hire Car Accident Attorneys

Though this may be a highly stressful time for injured victims and their families, it's also essential to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

Most people assume that their insurance-company or the at-fault party's will handle the claim satisfactorily. However, insurance-companies focus on protecting their own business bottom-line and may adopt various tactics to delay, deny, dismiss your claim, minimize the nature/extent of your injuries and liability of their own client. They may present evidence to prove that victims were partly responsible for the accident.

All these factors may work against the success of your claim. Hiring an experienced Miami car accident lawyer is beneficial. There are several complicated medical, legal and insurance issues involved that most people are unfamiliar with.

Local Miami personal injury attorneys are familiar with the laws, amendments, current rulings and court procedures. They can also help you with advice and suggestions on how to mitigate possible defenses presented by the opposite side.

Victims and families need to focus on recovering health and getting life back in order.

Diminished Value Claims

In the US, statistics estimate that motor-vehicle collisions occur once in 10 seconds. Though you may get your vehicle repaired completely, when you attempt to sell or trade it, you will find that its value has diminished considerably as a result of its being involved in an accident.

Hence, you also need to make a diminished value claim with the help of experienced, knowledgeable and skilled diminished value lawyer Miami.

There are three main types of diminished value:

Inherent: This is the basic, most recognized and widely-accepted form of diminished value. It refers to the vehicle's lost market value.

Immediate: Difference in resale value because of the accident.
Repair-related: is calculated because of poorly-done, improper or incomplete repairs.

Factors that affect diminished value include any prior history of accidents, condition pre-accident, age, mileage, undamaged value and present market demand.

It's important that a recognized and qualified expert assess this value, otherwise insurance-companies may refuse to accept the figures quoted. Your personal injury attorneys with experience in handling such claims can assist you to get a swift, genuine and comprehensive assessment and help you process your claim.

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