Have you been procrastinating on reading that 700 pages book which is still sitting on your work table or do you simply have no time to go through those endless pages and want all the stuff that you need to know from the book in precise and short? The RollingSlate App is here for just that. All you need to do is get this amazing free book summaries app and you will see what we like to call “Slates”. A slate is nothing but that same 700 pages book in a summarized form with the reading time of around 15 minutes. Imagine being able to go through the emotions and message of a whole book in just the same amount of time in which you finish your morning coffee! Nothing would be able to stop you from gaining the knowledge you want and time isn’t a hurdle to procrastinate over anymore. When the thorough summaries are made for the books, the essence of the writing and feelings remain unchanged so that the message that the author wished to pass on is as impactful as in the book.

Browse across 30+ genres 

With this free book summaries app, you can browse through various diverse genres of books, ranging from entrepreneurship to relationships. You will acquire information from the most interesting up-and-coming entrepreneurs in India through this portal whether you are an innovator and a dreamer or a student who is frustrated with your schooling or just someone with a thirst for entrepreneurship. We have a slate for a well-known book "Arise, Awake". Overall, it is very interesting to read about such pioneers who are brought up from a wide variety of different educational and geographical backgrounds and to hear about their perspective how they took the matter into their own hands instead of waiting for the right chance to come to them. You get optimistic when you hear about people from different sectors like the manufacturing industry, fast food and student housing doing just as great if not better than others. It is all about getting out of your comfort zone and snatching opportunities.

You will get book summaries that revolve around topics like working towards better mental health too. If these testing and cruel months have done anything, it is, making us realise the importance of having a headspace and some mindfulness. Be it that you are a reader looking for you-time because of being around a very taxing workplace, an executive who desires and aims to be a fitter leader and to create a more compassionate corporate culture or someone who needs better acknowledgement, emotional power and care for themselves and others, you can find support via the RollingSlate app with the book summary of "Mindful Work". You will find yourself deep in learning about the training of mindfulness on the basis of the personal and technical front. The advantages you see by practising mindfulness and indulging it in your schedule will blow your mind. After all, it is not only you who can profit from the practice of mindfulness but the others around you as well.

A perfect guide for romance as well

This is a safe space for those learning how to be in a relationship as well. There is a book summary for "121 First Dates" which will be your go-to for any dating advice. You could be a single lady who has had a rough dating history and is now sceptical or just anyone who is new to the world of online dating and is figuring it out. We got you all and will cater to all your needs. You can discover various guides to date as a woman on this app. The Slates will help you with building your perfect dating profile to attract your Mr Right. You will be helped with planning the sweetest of dates; remember to add the perfect amount of cheese. Once you are well versed with all these skills, the summaries will also guide you with coping all the hurdles that arise as you are on your journey to find the perfect man you can husband.

The RollingSlate App can be your next coffee partner. Grab a coffee, lounge on the sofa by that window and scroll through the vivid content we have for you. Imagine gaining all this knowledge over a cup of coffee in over 15 minutes. Now that’s working smart.

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