If you think about various loans, then a common question may pop-up in your mind, ‘how I should get title loan with the title not in my name?’ This could be a tricky question most of the times but it is very important for you to know its answer for your own good.

Reasons you might require the title transfer

There are supposed to be various reasons for which you might require the title transfer. Some of these are described below.

Gifted a car.
Paying off some loan.
Inherited a car.
Car transferred to yours from your family.
Purchasing a car.

You are supposed to effectively transfer the ownership of a car on title through Department of motor vehicles. DMV is likely to want you to properly transfer title within 10 days of the car transaction but in case you forget, some useful loan is supposed to be there to help you through this method so that you can effectively apply for the title loan on the vehicle. This is the answer to your question, title loan with the title not in my name.

On the other hand, once your complete transfer process with DMV, it is there to modify the title but also alters DMV’s official records that will help in avoiding any kind of legal confusion in future. This method is known to be different and it generally varies on the state you live in. In case of USA, if you live outside Arizona or California then you are supposed to find requirements on the website of DMV for the state you live in. Whenever the question, title loan with the title not in my name, comes in your mind you should look for the answer on the Google for your convenience.

Requirements in various states in the USA
There are different kinds of requirements to get the title loan with the title not in my name. The requirements are obviously supposed to vary as per the state you live in.

California DMV: California DMV basically needs that the car in question is required to pass a proper smog test, until and unless this is exempted in special cases. You are required to take different ownership documents to the local DMV office as well as pay $15 as the vehicle title transfer fee along with the taxes. You can visit the official website of DMV in this regard.

New Mexico DMV: On the other hand, New Mexico DMV needs you to obtain the odometer disclosure from seller or the person who has gifted the vehicle. Moreover, in some specific cases you may have to get the vehicle inspected for the emissions. Thereafter you are required to gather the proof of the identity, car insurance and residency and then bring all the paperwork to the local DMV office to fulfil all the formalities. You are supposed to visit the official site of DMV to explore more information on this.

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