Gone are the days when teachers used to impart lessons to a large group of students in classroom with the later learning collaboratively & taking down notes. It's time for a change & technology has brought it effectively.

When a learner is keen to learn Dutch language, it's best to enroll in an e-learning program or opt for an online Dutch language course in Kolkata. If a learner is looking for best personalized training in Dutch grammar, accent, vocabulary & culture then nothing is better than one-on-one teacher and student interactions. This mode of instruction will give learners an opportunity to learn faster, master more material, memorize their course work and get completely engaged.

What is one-on-one learning method?

One-on-one learning is a mode of training that involves unique multi-sensory approach. It involves visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile learning strategies that can be customized as per the diverse requirements of every student. In this method, a learner gets academic guidance & support by professional trainers & receives individual attention as the trainers focus only on her/him.


Lets' explore the benefits of learning Dutch language under this method:

Classes & lectures will never take place without students

If the student fails to attend the class or somehow omit the lectures, the instructor will not impart their training. So the student will never lag behind or miss on important lessons.

Students will get access to high-quality training

With the one-on-one mode of learning, trainers are dedicated to answering the queries of the students and clarify their doubts through actively responding. Though instructors often trigger or organize meetings, interactions are always student-centric where she/he has the freedom to ask any question & the instructors respond to them & provide their vital feedback.

No fear of failures or doing mistakes

Unlike regular classroom training, one-on-one learning in an online Dutch language course in Kolkata take place in virtual classroom. Through one-on-one interactions, students have complete trust on their trainers and are given a completely safe space to openly to ask questions, read and write Dutch grammar rules, translations, vocabulary, pronunciation & much more.

This is totally different from classroom settings where there are by peer pressure, some students fear answering questions, or feel scared to make mistakes or taking risks. They fear that they will become a laughing stock if they give a wrong answer or ask a silly question.

Provides a peaceful environment conducive to learning

In one-on-one learning mode, students get the opportunity to learn in the best possible way because it free from distractions & disorder. Without the interruption, noise and overstimulation of a classroom room full of peers, learners are able to concentrate all of their attention on their educator and the study material being learned. They are not affected by the environment around them and utilize all of their energy & intellectual capacity into their studies. This means they'll learn Dutch language quickly, able to gain fluency while speaking by using the correct grammar rules & words & become proficient in the core areas of the language.

Trainers give priority to students

The best thing about one-on-one method of learning is that it is student-centric & revolves solely around them. This gives learners superb opportunities to become efficient in interpersonal communication skills and get engaged in a conversation with only one person at a time. Trainers also communicate in the style of a learner. They focus on sharing knowledge & ideas as per student's choices.

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Laxmon Gope is a renowned freelance content writer and digital marketing specialist. Prior to writing this article on Dutch language course in Kolkata, he also worked as a foreign language professor and researcher in a reputed university.