Piles, also known as Hemorrhoids, are a natural cushion of tissue and veins at the junction of the rectum and anus. In addition to the sphincter, this normal tissue is responsible for the complete closure of the anus and prevents leakage. During defecation, these cushions are small enough to allow the stool to pass. The problem only occurs when everyone has them and the problem is bigger than it should be.

Pile treatment depends on the severity of the disease. Grade I can be cured by changing medication and diet. In the early stages of Grade II and Grade III piles, laser treatment is required if not managed with drugs. There is an efficiency of quick healing and quick recovery. Staple surgery is required for Grade IV piles.

Laser treatment is an effective method for treating piles. The Vithai Piles Clinic has now launched the first innovative laser treatment for piles, laser treatment of fissures, and laser treatment of fistulas in Pune.

Treatment for Piles:-
In many cases, final treatment means surgery, which is generally known to involve painful incisions and is painful, results in longer recovery, multiple dressings, and clinics. I will visit. Despite experiencing so much discomfort, there is a significant risk of recurrence. New advances in surgery are now available.

The stapled operation was performed on a large pile, greatly reducing pain and recovery time. These surgeries are ideal for patients with large escape piles.

Laser treatment for Piles:-
However, laser surgery is not more invasive. There is no need to cut the tissue. The affected area is easily and accurately treated with laser energy, and the problem can be solved in minutes. Patients can resume normal life immediately after surgery.

In the following condition, we can do laser surgery
• Piles
• Fissure in Ano
• Anal Fistula

Advantages after the Laser treatment on Piles:-
• Bleeding is much less.
• Laser treatment of the pile does not cause pain.
• Laser treatment is much easier than traditional surgery.
• The laser removes acne with high precision, which is not present in traditional surgical methods.
• Laser treatment enables patients to recover in a short period of time compared to traditional surgical methods.
• Within an hour of the operation, the patient may leave the hospital. However, the healing process takes a long time. With just a few days off, the patient can start the routine.

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