Apple and its entire ecosystem have been a pioneer of technology revolutions. Focusing on the hardware capabilities, team Apple has made iOS versatile enough to keep pace with the upcoming technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and virtual reality. The latest release of iOS 12 is a clear indicator of a big leap in iOS App development, which is about to take. Full stack new processing capabilities of the processors, high definition graphics and intelligence becoming more precise, the ground is all set to make iOS App development a new launching pad for the coming years.

Why do we expect the iOS App development to dominate the market and excel in this area as an iPhone app development company? It is quite evident from the supported iOS 12 is bringing in for trending technologies that:

1. Smarter Application

In the WWDC conference, Apple iOS 12 introduced its Sirikit to the iOS developers opening up newer opportunities for developers to deliver smarter Apps that would bring in more traction. The voice controls and extended capabilities of natural language processing that Siri is about to bring in makes it possible to deliver power Apps. The Sirikit, when integrated with the Apps, will allow better use of the hands-free like calling with voice commands even when the screen is locked.

Siri has become very smart that will make Apps take actions like text someone that you will get late for the meeting, or automatically shift to do not disturb mode when you are watching a movie

2. Processor with neural engine

Artificial Intelligence is playing a major role in defining the iOS App trends for the future. The latest core processor 7-nanometer A12 Bionic has the machine learning capabilities at the chip level. It comes with a neural Engine that takes care of facilitating Face identification and creating customized Memoji’s.

Complementing the core intelligent hardware, the Core Machine Learning 2 framework will also support the development of high-performance Apps. The predecessor of the A12 core was A11 which performed 7 times less number to transactions as compared to A12 which is capable of performing 5 trillion operations per second making it a more suitable processor to support extremely super-fast Apps. The inherent capabilities of better natural language processing of text and voice make iOS 12 a great foundation platform for smart Apps.

3. Augmented and virtual reality Apps

ARKit 2 has received a lot from the iOS development team in its latest updates. Capable of being the launch pad for next-generation augmented reality app development, the ARKit 2 integration will make it easy for the Apps to track faces, measure the objects in 3D and do more. Opening up a floodgate of opportunities for the App developers in the AR/VR aspects, the shopping, and gaming Apps are about to witness a revolutionary change.

Simulated environment Apps are a growing trend as people want more control from their smartphones. The communion of ARKit 2 and SceneKit makes iOS 12 a powerful platform for higher engagement.

4. Enhanced security

Although there is no end to the security needs, each iPhone app development company always lays a strong focus on building strong walls against hackers. Apple has been very proactive in creating a secure infrastructure right from the roots. Committed to delivering security patches that make sure the environment is always secure for the App developers to you, the latest Authentication Services framework renders higher security along with the integration of Password Autofill that will promise a single sign-on experience for website and App without compromising the security.

5. IoT Apps

By 2020 the IoT revolution would be at peak as almost 75 million devices will be connected. The latest update of iOS12 with the HomeKit is an introductory step to the big revolution. As IoT is becoming the need of the time, iOS is keeping pace and ensuring the security of data generated by so many devices.

This introduction is going to prove a pivotal step for the iOS App development that is ready to take over the IoT world too.

6. Go Cashless

People, nowadays, love the concept of digital currencies as they do not need to carry any cash. Apple Pay initiative is a tremendous step in the direction of Apple device users goes cashless. App developers can integrate the Apple Pay which does not store any card information promising highest level of security.

7. The launch of Swift 5

The growing ranks of Swift play a significant role in the App development landscape. With the simple syntax and scalability advantages, it is becoming easier for the App developers to develop versatile and powerful iOS Apps.

To wrap

The iOS App Development landscape is changing rapidly. So as an iPhone app development company, you should pay more attention to these changes. As per the 2018 WWDC conference, the iOS hardware has incorporated a lot of intelligence and the framework ecosystem has tremendously been adapting to the changes that are sure to make iOS App development a dominating platform.

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Vikash Jangid has been a part of the Data management Industry and Magento development company since the year 2008. His skill specialties include executive management, business strategy, and marketing development. Currently, Vikash is heading Xtreem Solution as a CEO and is responsible for the management, organization, and implementation of all AME BC activities and programs.