A man’s look is never complete without a fine and clean haircut. Be it a short, medium cut or a long one, it is very important to ensure that the style suits your overall appearance. There are few hairstyles for men, which never lose their appeal, irrespective of age group. Given below is a overview of these haircuts:-
• Bowl cut got its name from a very unique concept of placing a bowl on top of the head and then cutting off hairs that protrude from under the bowl. After the cut, hairs on top remain up to several inches long while close cropped hairs below the bowl line. Also there is no blend between the two lengths. Though the basic characteristic of the cut remains unchanged but the style has been refined over past years.
• Bangs are usually sported by young, fashionable guys. It also has another name called fringe cut. Hairs are styled so that they specifically hang down over the forehead. The cut can be thick and full to wispy and textured.
• Buzz or Buzz cut is a short cut typically ranging from 1/4 of an inch down to a complete stubble. It is cut without a guard on the clippers. In fact the name of the cut has been inherited from the sound of the electric clippers used for the cut.
• Flattop includes a range of hairstyles for men. The hair is cut such a way that the top of the hair appears like a flat surface. Hair length may vary as per the client’s preference. However if the hair is left longer on top, then greater effort is required to style front and upper sides.
• Mullet is quite an unconventional haircut. In fact, it is two haircuts blended together to form one hairstyle. The style combines keeping a very short front and side cut with or without bangs. The long back section hangs down up to the shoulders or even longer. The uniqueness about the cut is that it looks different from different angles. However, not many men would like to opt for this haircut especially those who prefer a suave look.
No matter whatever style you select, it is very important to take care of it. This is the reason why many men prefer short hairstyles which demand least maintenance. If you are interested in changing your typical hairstyle or looking for something unconventional then make sure to consult an expert hair stylist. Often it happens that people select a particular haircut just because it looks cool with their favorite movie icon. Often this results in a fashion blunder. The problem is very few appreciate the fact that a particular hair cut looks good if it matches their hair texture, face shape and overall personality. By visiting any reputed beauty salon and talking with the beautician you will be able to know about latest haircuts and which one will suit you the best.

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Peter Mack is a beauty expert who has been closely associated with a well known unisex salon and spa service provider. He has shared his insights on men hair styles and skin care services, in a number of interesting online articles.