As more research is evolving, it becomes clear that ADHD is not a unique set of behaviors and place varies from child to child. This indicates that there is no single cause of disability, and therefore there is no one treatment.

Symptoms of ADHD

Mental health professionals use diagnostic tool that assesses children in three main areas; inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Showed children who meet criteria for ADHD six or more symptoms in one or more of these areas for at least six months, which is seven years before the start. In addition, behaviors occur in multiple contexts, such as school and home.

Symptoms of inattention include not paying attention to details or careless mistakes, difficulty staying on task, and even when he played, not to listen when spoken to directly, chaos, and the inability to complete tasks and losing things.

Indicators of hyperactivity include restlessness, inability to sit, run when it is not appropriate, and the inability to play quietly, talking excessively.

• Rush has difficulty taking turns or stops.
• Children diagnosed with ADHD is usually one of three types:
• ADHD combined type: the child meets the criteria for the three regions over the past six months
• Type often unaware of ADHD: children meet the criteria of negligence for the past six months.
• Type of hyperactivity in ADHD often impulsive: the child meets the criteria for hyperactivity and impulsivity.
The causes of ADHD

Experts know that ADHD involves a chemical reaction in the brain that affects children in any activity of interest, and the rush. What I do not know, for this reason. The fact that ADHD is manifested in a variety of ways to suggest that there may be no single cause, but several. Current research focuses on a variety of reasons, including:

• And genetic
• Smoking or drinking during pregnancy
• Premature birth
• Food Additives
• Exposure to lead
A frequent criticism is guilty exempt sugar. Recent research indicates that the sugar does not increase the activity, although the cases where the percentage of sugar in many cases may be submitted. May disagree with some parents that reduce or eliminate the sugar solution. Although studies indicate that sugar is not a cause of disability, it's not a bad thing to cut the babies because they can lead to a host of other problems, including obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.
ADHD cannot be cured but can be managed. There are a variety of treatment options including medication, therapy, and diet. Because ADHD is different in every child and parents need to work with their child's doctor to find what works best for their children.

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