What is HP Storage Works

AIS: HP Storage Works is a type of certification which increases your position in the information technology sector. The word AIS stands for accredited integration specialist who is a person capable to design, support and integrate business class solutions in order to solve out the requirements of the customer. The business class solutions include some of the programs like operating system, platform, software, storage system, and network and option components. This certification ensures that an HP specialist can handle the customer tasks relating to aspects of installation and start up service. AIS: HP Storage Works certification ensures that the professional is now skilled enough to work on his/her own behalf to answer the queries of the customers.

Exam format and specifications

This AIS certification is conducted by HP and it includes some of the exams which are required to be passed. The exams are not that tough, it contains 68 questions in total with the passing percentage being 75%, and candidate will be given 90 minutes to solve the paper. The topics which are covered in this paper are: ISCSI networks implementation and deployment, description of the fundamental industry standard storage technologies, description and positioning of the modular storage array products. The other courses of AIS: HP Storage Works includes implementation of this technology and perform administrative and operational tasks related to this technology. Thus when an individual gets a command on such a wide topic then he/she would be definitely awarded with the high position in the IT department along with high salaries.

Study guides about exams

In this paper all the topics related to hardware, software and firmware are covered. The topics related to HP2-B75 implementation and deployment of the SAN is considered the core parts of the paper which need to be studied carefully and extensively. The AIS: HP Storage Works certification requires you to study through tuitions or via online routes, it depends upon you that which mode is suitable for you, this certification provides you flexibility that you can get the tuitions through online and manual ways. There on, you need to attempt maximum mock tests, additionally try to practice questions for gaining good grades. The professionals containing this certification are very less so there is a huge demand of these people in current life.

Results of getting the certification

When the candidate has cleared this certification, he/she can apply for the job in the sector where SAN based technology is used. The companies do prefer the people containing these degrees as these professionals are very less in number so companies try to hire them in order to boost up their systems where such people are needed.

HP storage is beneficial for whom?

The individual can get the job in HP storage works which will pay you high salaries. After getting the degree, you can gain work experience for some years even at less salary but once you get the experience from the right place, you will be getting the highest paid jobs and designations in the Information Technology department.  AIS: HP Storage Works certification is best suited for the person who is already in information technology field.

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