Knee replacements are also known as knee arthroplasty. They are surgeries that are usually performed when the person suffers from a particular medical condition called arthritis, or it can also be due to reasons like cartilage defects, ligament tear, and major fractures in the area that call for the replacement.

Knee replacement surgery in Chennai is a procedure to improve or partially and fully remove the surfaces of the knee that reduces the pain, removes inability, and creates durability for the knee in movement and flexibility.

Why Would One Need Knee Surgery?
Osteoarthritis, the breakdown of joint cartilage and underlying bone is one of the major reasons for knee replacement surgery in Chennai. Age is a very common condition and it occurs when cartilage the protection or covering between the knee and the bone joints breaks down. Other reasons include:

Other reasons for Knee Replacement Surgery in Chennai
Rheumatoid arthritis: The lining of the knee is attacked and destroyed by the body’s immune system.
Deformities: People with bent legs or “knock-knees” often undergo surgery to restore the position of the knee.
Knee injuries: When a bone is broken or if there is a tear in the ligament around the knee, resulting in arthritis causing great pain and gradually limits your movements.
knee replacement surgery in Chennai
Types of knee replacement surgery
Knee Replacement surgeries are complicated procedures that have to be handled with an equal amount of care and precision.

Total Knee Replacement
Partial Knee Replacement
Patellofemoral Replacement
Complex Knee Replacement
Cartilage Restoration
Total knee replacement
Total knee replacement is the most common traditional method used by doctors to treat a damaged knee, the surgeon replaces the surfaces of the thigh bone and shin bone that connects to the knee.

The TKR after the surgery functions as a natural knee and can be customized enough even to work and fit the body type of every kind in the way you want it respectively. The surgeon performs four-step techniques in this knee replacement surgery in Chennai.

Firstly, the bone and the cartilage are treated and removed,
The second step is to fit and fix the implants on the area or the bone either attaching it or making it happen certainly.
The third step is fixing a plastic button below the kneecap,
Finally, the surgeon inserts and fixes a plastic spacer between the knee and the femur (thigh bone) to accomplish smooth flexibility and functioning of the knee.
Finally, there should be a proper alignment, after which the bone must be carefully fitted for a fair movement.

Partial knee replacement
The partial knee surgery is applicable and suitable for individuals who have strong knee ligaments to resist the surgery as only the infected and the least part is replaced by protecting most of the natural bone, ligaments, and tissues in place for the rest of the bodily movements and if only one side of your knee, is affected with arthritis this surgery can be performed.

It can be done through a smaller slit that is required for performing the TKR. The surgeon removes the stiffness in joints called the arthritic and then replaces that area with either metal or plastic for this type of knee replacement surgery in Chennai.

Patellofemoral replacement
This knee replacement surgery in Chennai can be highly effective for people with chronic kneecap arthritis which replaces only the under-surface of the kneecap

Complex knee replacement
This procedure is required if there is severe arthritis or if there is an existing two or three surgeries.

Cartilage restoration
Sometimes when the knee has a distinct injury in this area it can be replaced with a living cartilage graft or cells which grow into cartilage.

Knee Cartilage Transplant
Knee Cartilage Transplants is a method to replace damaged cartilage in the knee joint with healthful, cartilage. This is thought of as one of the greatest knee pain therapy.

Knee cartilage transplants are just performed in regions where there’s smaller harm as a graft could just be removed out of a small region from precisely exactly the exact identical joint. They’re generally performed by means of a little camera called an arthroscope, which means that the incision probably is smaller and recovery faster and easier than with open surgery.

If the damaged region is too large to get an autograft, then you might need to undergo an allograft that will call for open surgery. An allograft is the same as an autograft, it is removed from bone and cartilage. It’s sterilized and analyzed for any potential disorder. An allograft enables your surgeon to accurately cut and set the cartilage on a damaged joint. And this is also referred to as one of the knee replacement surgery.

knee cartilage transplant
Step 1: Removal of Damaged Cartilage
The 1st and foremost Knee cartilage transplant is the removal of defect cartilage. And it is done as follows. Articular cartilage is a rubbery tissue that covers the ends of bones. Its smooth surface acts as a cushion between bones.

Step 2: Procedure is performed
Cartilage may break down because of overuse or trauma. This can cause swelling and pain problems with your joints. Your treatment will be dependent on the magnitude of this defect and the conclusion of your surgeon. This process is done on those that have a particular cartilage defect generally as a result of an injury. It isn’t achieved when cartilage reduction is significantly more extensive.

Step 3: Incisions
A small incision is made around the joint. The range and surgical instruments will be within these incisions.

Step 4: Visualization
The scope is placed into the knee. Via a tube (cannula) and to the knee to extend the joint and to increase visualization. The picture will be sent to your video screen where the surgeon is able to see the joint.

Step 5: Repair
A plugin allograft tissue comprising cartilage and bone is formed to fit in the region that’s damaged. The damaged region is ready along the plug is put into the site.

Step 6: End of Procedure
Following the tissue is set up, the surgical tools are removed and the procedure is finished.

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