Ligaments are fibrous band of connective tissues which connects bones with other bones. There two types of ligaments:-

White ligament is rich in collagenous fibers and is sturdy and inelastic
Yellow ligaments rich in elastic fibers and is tough.
Ligaments help to give your joint support and limit the movement of the joint. Ligaments can be found in various joints of the body such as knees, shoulder, and elbows. Stretching or tearing your joints can make them unstable.

Ligament injuries can appear in any joint. But the knee and the ankle are particularly vulnerable. Ligament are strained when the stressed beyond its normal range. Athletes are vulnerable to torn ligament injuries. There are four ligaments in your knees

Anterior curciate ligament (ACL) is located in the center and front of your knee. Your ACL controls the forward and rotational movement of your shin bone or tibia. ACL injury is very common. The ligament may be stretched or torn by a sudden twisting movement.
Posterior curciate ligament (PCL) is also located in the center of your knee. PCL controls the backward movement of the shin bone. PCL injuries are rare and may take place during an accident or a sudden tackle.
Medical collateral ligament (MCL) stabilizes the inner knee.
Lateral collateral ligament (LCL) stabilizes the outer knee.
Collateral ligament may be stretched or torn by an impact to the outer side of the knee. Ziffytech will help you to find out the best orthopedic surgeon doctor in Lucknow also it provides the services like blood test at home, diagnostic packages, book doctor appointment online etc.


The symptoms of knee ligament tear are:-

Sudden and severe pain
A loud popping or snapping sound during the injury
Rapid swelling
Limited range of motion.
Inability to bear weight on the knee
You should go to an orthopedic doctor in Lucknow if you show any signs of a ligament injury. Your knee is a complicated structure made of bones, ligaments, and tendons working together. Getting accurate diagnosis and quick treatment is extremely important.

Diagnosis and treatment

The best orthopedic surgeon in Lucknow will examine your injured knee for inflammation and tenderness. They will move your knee gently to check the range of motion. The orthopedic surgeon may order the following tests:-

X-ray will rule out the possibility of a fracture.
Imaging test such as MRI or ultrasound to check the extent and the source of the injury.
Most orthopedic doctors recommend RICE model of treatment which can be done at home. RICE is an acronym for

Resting the knee and avoid putting weight on it. You may be advised to use crutches till the pain and swelling have reduced.
Ice application to reduce swelling and pain. This is usually applied for 2 to 3 days after the injury
Compression with the help of braces or elastic bandages on the knee will control the swelling and provide compression.
Elevating the foot with pillow while sitting down or lying down will help.
The best orthopedic surgeon near me will prescribe pain medication to relieve the pain. Several weeks of physical rehabilitation is required after a ligament injury. The best physiotherapist in Lucknow will teach you muscle-strengthening exercises. The rehabilitation will reduce pain and swelling, strengthen your knee. Gradually you should regain the entire range of motion. The best orthopedic surgeon in Lucknow may recommend surgery if

You’re an athlete
More than one ligament is torn
The injury is causing your knee to buckle.
During the surgery the best orthopedic surgeon near me will remove the torn ligament and replace with a healthy tendon. The tendon can be grafted from your knee cap or hamstring. The tendon may be from an organ donor or from your own body (auto graft). After the surgery it is important to follow the orthopedic surgeon in Lucknow instructions to minimize risks of infection or injury. The physiotherapist from Lucknow may help you recover faster from the surgery. It is convenient to order medicines online in the duration of your injury and recovery.

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