It is impossible to imagine a house without a fridge today. Not only does it allow food to stay inside for longer, but it also prevents the growth of bacteria for longer. Kuala Lumpur's humid climate is also a major factor in why a refrigerator is required. It is not until a fridge stops working that one realizes its importance.

Fridges also need service and maintenance just like any other appliance you use. Coolers generally last around 15 years, but their parts can malfunction. Finding a reliable home fridge service will be difficult in this city and you can be fooled.

You may consider taking your non-working fridge to a reputable fridge repair service in Kuala Lumpur. However, it is not practical to find out the time of your work to take your fridge to a repair center.

KL Fridge Repair offers specialized professionals who can easily repair your fridge and provide you with authentic parts in your home. Our services make it easier to repair your fridge/refrigerator every time it is released.

Here are some common fridge problems:

The fridge defrosts drain usually clogs with ice and food particles, causing water to leak. Water is transported to the drain pan from the coils and vaporized in the defrost cycle. The water would stay in the freezer until it couldn't take it anymore and would eventually leak out of the fridge. Water leakage can also be caused by a minor leak in the drain pan. A qualified professional can easily fix these problems in your home.

It is the heart of the fridge and works as a motor and a pump. By controlling the freeze cycle, the compressor is responsible for compressing the refrigerant from the fridges and diffusing it through the evaporator and condenser coils. A dirty, unlubricated compressor is often the main reason why the fridge does not function properly.

If the internal part of the fridge compressor is well lubricated, the fridge will cool for a long time without it working. A specialized technician would have the right knowledge about the correct amount of lubrication required for the compressor and would know which type would be best. You should hire a professional who offers home fridge repair services to fix this problem with your compressor.

The refrigerant flows through the evaporator coils. It also reduces the high-temperature air that is present on the coils. That is why your food stays cold in the refrigerator. When the coolant level is not enough, your fridge will not be able to chill your food inside.

The condenser coils convert the high-pressure vapor or gas into a high-pressure liquid. These coils on the back of your fridge release heat during the conversion process. It is an important part of the process without which the fridge would not work. If the condenser coils cannot release heat, you will know that the condenser coils have dust deposited on them.

There may even be situations where the condenser fan motor will whistle because the condenser coils are not clean. The condenser fan motor circulates cold air to remove heat from the condenser coils and vaporizes the defrost water from the drain pan. If the condenser coils are not cleaned frequently, the condenser fan may not function properly.

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