I love to organize kitchen as it is my favorite place in the home. I love cooking and to serve my cuisines to my loved ones. There are lots of kitchen furniture units like kitchen racks, kitchen trolleys, kitchen islands, crockery units, kitchen wall cabinets, and others organized and make the kitchen clutter-free.

From my point of view, kitchen racks are the basic kitchen furniture units in the kitchen.

The kitchen rack can be opened and closed with the glass or wooden cabinets. These units are made of different type of material and are available in different sizes, shapes. There are enormous number of varieties available at online and offline furniture stores.

These racks available in different capacities means have a different number of shelving inside and outside. These are available in different finishes, have different types and styles too.

These can be wall mounted, free standing, in-built and are available in distinct structure.

Today, I want to share some of the different types of kitchen racks, so that you can easily decide what type will be perfect for your kitchen, let's take a look:

1) Wall Mounted Kitchen Racks: These kitchen racks are perfect for the compact kitchen spaces, as these don’t take the floor space of your kitchen. The wall mounted kitchen racks have opened and closed shelving to make it versatile and perfect for any kitchens.

These can be placed in any corner of the kitchen and make the wall functional by using these racks on the wall. This wall mounted kitchen racks are available in different sizes, styles, materials and have different looks as per the kitchen decor. These are easy to install and easy to use.

2) Free Standing Kitchen Racks: This style is perfect for the spacious kitchen as these come in huge sizes generally. These kitchen racks can be used as room dividers between the kitchen and dining space.

These have transparent shelving means open racks so that these can be used from both of the sides. These free-standing kitchen racks can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, and you can change its place, whenever you want, as it has easy handling.

3) In-built Kitchen Racks: The in-built kitchen racks are perfect for compact kitchens, as these are fixed in the walls and you can’t change its place or positions. These kitchen racks don’t take the floor space and make your kitchen looks spacious and full of storage space.

These are one of the most demanding racks as people always like the fixed storage space in case of a kitchen so that these can easily store the things on a fixed place and reach easily to them without wasting time.

4) Base Kitchen racks: The base kitchen racks are perfect for any kitchen, and these have enough space for storing the different kitchen accessories to make the kitchen organized and beautiful. The base kitchen racks have a spacious counter top to place different kitchen accessories or appliances on it.

These kitchen racks are available with open and closed shelving. These are perfect for any kitchen space as these are versatile and can be placed in any corner and any kitchen.

Conclusion: A kitchen is a place where we have an enormous number of accessories like utensils, electronic appliances, baskets, and many more things. The kitchen furniture units like kitchen racks are perfect for any type of kitchen accessories to place safely.
The different types of kitchen racks are available for your different type of kitchen spaces to make it beautiful, spacious and systematic. I hope you like the article and get to know about the differences.

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