"The entire population of the world-with one minor exception-is composed of others."
~John C. Maxwell

I first heard the above statement while attending John Maxwell's Maximum Impact Simulcast last April. I thought "wow", what a powerful message. Some may read, or hear this and think to themselves, "...duh, that's just common sense", and they would be correct. That is exactly what makes this statement so powerful. It's simplicity and it's unquestionable truth. But ask yourself, have you ever really thought about your life from this perspective?

Success really is an inside-out process. Stephen Covey author of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" states that Private Victory comes before Public Victory. This is very true, but please take note; one is not more important than the other, the private victory simply must come first. Once we start moving from independence (victory of self) to interdependence (victory with others), we begin to move from good to great.

Most, if not all, great achievements of mankind have been the result of people working together for a common good. Our greatest individual accomplishments have and will be achieved as the result working effectively with others.

In our society we tend to toss around the term "self-made", especially in regards to money and wealth, as in "self-made millionaire". In reality, there is no such person. Let's take a look at what Thomas J. Stanley, coauthor of "The Millionaire Next Door" and author of "The Millionaire Mind", list as the top five foundations of financial success.

Integrity - being honest with all people
Discipline - applying self control
Social Skills - getting along with people
A supportive spouse
Hard work - more than most people
Please notice that three of the top five foundations are people centered.

Even if we were able to achieve the same level of success and achievement alone, what good would it be without someone to share in the joy. Think back to your greatest moments of happiness and fulfillment. I bet it will be hard to think of even one event, that did not involve at least one other person.

Everyone can learn how to become a people person. Are you ready to start building solid, healthy, fulfilling and long lasting relationships? Are you ready to become relationally successful? If so, I strongly encourage you to begin studying and practicing the principles of winning with people.

"If you can win with people, you can win" ~John C. Maxwell

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