I've worked on at least 10 people with knee problems ranging from people waiting for a knee replacement, dancers, soccer players and people with general knee problems. Every person that I worked on, once the tape was on an in-place when they got up off my table they were out of pain and felt more stable. I'm quite shocked that doctors are unaware of Kinesio Taping and in fact look at it as a sugar pill. How wrong they are! I challenge them in every way and I'm hoping that this blog will simplify how this miracle tape works.

First I'd like to explain the tape itself. Kinesio taping is light weight with adhesive backing. The tape has the ability to stretch when held by either end of the tape to apply on the injured area that is being working on. The tension on the tape varies on the injury at hand. Let me give you an example, today I worked on a dancer who had problems as most dancers to with her knees. She did receive physical therapy to strengthen quadriceps and the muscles that stabilize the knee. This does not mean the issue is not still there. Sports require repetitive motion depending on the sport. The athlete’s muscles, ligaments and tendons are over used causing a weakness that can result as a serious injury if not caught in time. I find that Kinesio Taping enables the athlete/dancer or repetitive motion such as, typing to continue free of pain and without the support of the tape people tend to resort to necessary surgery or harmful steroids. This is because not being aware of Kinesio taping and its benefits. A lot of people do not know any Certified Kinesio taping practitioners. I am located right in Princeton, NJ

A little bit more about Kinesio Tape it can stay on the body from 3 to 5 days. Showering will not weaken the tape and can be patted dry after the showers completed. I'll give you an example of the dancer that talking about I worked on today, she would benefit from having her knees taped every time she dances. Taping will not weaken the area it will prevent injury and you almost feel as if you're wearing nothing yet you can feel the support. The results I get are amazing. How long does it take to have the tape applied? Depending on the issue it can take one half an hour.

I'd like to list some of the injuries that Kinesio Taping is used for carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal disc herniation, frozen shoulder, shoulder injuries, low back pain, hamstring and quadriceps injuries, stabilizing the ankle, shin splints, plantar fasciitis and much more. I am hoping to get the word out on how amazing this tape is. It brings me great joy to see a client is in pain completely void of pain by just applying tape to their body, truly amazing. Please feel free to call Gotcher' Back Therapeutic Massage for phone consult 609-683-1608. There is no need to get cortisone shots or use steroids for pain when Kinesio taping can in most circumstances heal and correct the issue.

I would like to tell parents that children do better in sports due to practicing prevention instead of having to have surgery. The importance of addressing the issue right away by giving me a call can save a lot of pain and your child immobile. The unfortunate thing is most people call me as a last resort and I can correct the problem before it goes to extreme spending weeks of time in physical therapy, getting cortisone shots and the issue/injury still exists and time and medical insurance goes up do to waste or you waste your own money. I'm trying to reach out to parents to help prevent this. I'm also reaching out to parents who have aging parents with severe knee issues that can’t have a knee replacement. When the knees are taped prevention from falling increases ten fold and their pain is gone. Again please call my office for a free consult and any more information you need about Kinesio Taping and its benefits. Instead of making beer last resort make me your priority so you can get on with your life pain-free. Again I am located in Princeton, NJ and my contact number is 609-683-1608 Gotcher' Back Therapeutic Massage Therapy.

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Suzanne Newman has worked on at least one thousand bodies. Her Knowledge of the human body and mind are highly advanced. She continues mastering her bodywork enthusiastically with heart and conviction. Suzanne’s studies include Chinese Medicine and The Five Elements, Nutrition, The Mind and Body Connection exercise, stretching, yoga, meditation and The Art of Living. She is an Artist, Photographer, cooking organically, runs, supports abuse animals.