If you ask a child what a nurse is, he or she would claim that it is someone who helps a doctor accomplish medical tasks. While this is actually true, they also have a broad range of other responsibilities. Nurse duties vary depending on the field they focus on.

Dental nurses, for instance, assist dentists while they work on people’s teeth. They cannot perform in other branches of medicine. They have to first acquire another degree for that specific field. They perform different functions in a dental clinic. Dental nurses can schedule appointments, assist patients with their examinations, perform routine treatments, and organize patients’ records.

Critical care nurses are another variant of this profession. Their role is to monitor patients in serious medical condition. This branch of nursing has subtypes of its own as well. There are some who operate in intensive care units, while others work in the emergency rooms of hospitals all over the country. It takes a great amount of skill to be successful in this job. All the patients under them tend to be in very delicate condition. Even the slightest error made by these professionals can result in a fatality.

A critical care nursing school in Texas offers background on first aid treatments, revival procedures, and human anatomy. Although this field requires great practice and training, some hospitals allow LVNs or licensed vocational nurses to handle life-threatening situations. LVNs usually require a few years of training before being certified. They are nurses who operate under the supervision of a conventional registered nurse or doctor.

Another option offered in any nursing school in Texas is pediatric nursing. It focuses on taking care of children, especially infants. Individuals trained in this area are capable of nurturing children suffering from a variety of ailments. They can help the babies grow healthy, both physically and mentally. After a mother gives birth, the newborn is immediately be sent to hospital nursery. They are the ones feeding and monitoring these infants.

There are many possible courses offered by any top nursing school in Texas. A host of fields is available for aspiring nurses. Just like doctors, nurses have different specializations and are trained to fully understand that specific subject.

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