Whether you are just starting to do the business or you are trying to rebuild it to a previous level, your brand image still is a very important element and should be handled accordingly. Branding is the DNA of any business.

If you run a creative design agency in Dubai, you are well aware of the fact that it is the brand that tells customers about what your client’s business is all about. Branding can make or break a business is a fact.

1.Building a brand image
Branding or building a brand image is all about how our product or service is perceived by the customers in the market. It is all about creating the right personality for your business that is welcomed by your audience and customers at large. This helps you to narrow down into the segment containing your ideal clients as well as helping your employees get the right direction and motivation and stay in course. Improving brand image involves investing in visual assets, rebranding, and building brand values.

Today a large portion of clients are likely to make their way to a brand via personal recommendations and through social media and online searches. If you are part of a graphic design agency in Dubai, you will know that the brand image for your client should align with the brand’s personality and values for it to make a mark.

2.Social Media
This is a great medium that can be used to show off a brand’s personality. To build your brand as subject matter experts, post scholarly articles. Do not forget to add memes and punny phrases that relate to your industry/services.

Whatever be the brand image you want to create in the marketplace, customer appreciation holds a very important part. There is no better way than using social media for doing this. Reposting customers’ appreciations or posting satisfied clients’ stories are valuable efforts in brand building.


The website that you build to showcase your brand should be designed to portray the impression that you desire for the brand and this is best done by good website design companies. A word of caution is to resist all do-it-yourself bids though they may sound simple and easy. Handing over the job to a professional website builder of repute in Dubai is the best solution. They are likely to build your website more thoughtfully to correctly place your brand in the market.

Posting healthy and positive reviews on popular sites like Amazon, Yelp, etc., help to build a brand. Asking satisfied customers to put down their thoughts online is perhaps one of the easiest and best ways to do this.

Offline activities like combining events and community effort, organizing opportunities where the employees can volunteer their services in community events, sponsoring such events, fundraising for popular community causes, personifying your brand through appropriate in-store experiences if you have a brick and mortar facility, etc., would help to personify your brand solidly.

Careful planning, being true to the cause that you pursue, and how you want to treat your customers help you to lend the color and personality to your brand in the marketplace.

5.Visual Identity of your Brand
If you are into corporate branding in Dubai, you would be aware that crafting an appropriate logo for a brand is not a simple matter and does not mean simply placing any design in a square or circle. Good logo design is always obtained at a premium in the market and it is for good reason. This is because it creates the first impression of the brand in the marketplace impacting the customer’s perception of the company and its product/services.

Listed below are a few design tips to create a great logo.

To stand out from the pack is the first step. Imitation does not serve well here. If you belong to a logo design company in Dubai, you would know that it always serves you best when you create something different from all the designs out there. Though it may sound next to impossible, this should be the goal of every logo designer. The designers should check for plagiarism before publishing their logos online. Out-of-the-box thinking helps to design unique logos.

7.Brand Understanding
Any logo is an introduction to a brand and is simply not just an image. Creating a board with the imagery that reflects the company’s values and goals for the public would come in handy to create an appropriate logo. It is not simply about aesthetics but seeking out the inner meaning of the company values.

Any reputed graphic design company in Dubai would train its workers to stay updated on the latest design trends who would delve into finding out what the client cares about when designing a logo for them.

8.Color Schemes

When designing a logo for the client, the creative team would surely pay attention to every aspect of the image including the colors to be added. Whereas muted and subtle tones may add to aesthetics, hey may be overlooked. Bright colors may stand out but be too bold.

However, each color chosen by the designer will have some meaning when incorporated into the logo. Whereas white stands for peace and purity, black stands for power and pink stands for flirting, fun and lightheartedness. Each color is therefore incorporated into the design according to the weight of the value it should impart to the brand logo.

9.Word-mark and Symbol
These two aspects of the logo design, word-mark and symbol are the primary constituents of any logo. If the company has a very unique name the word-mark takes care of itself. The logo is the next important part. If the company has a very generic name, then a lot of effort should go into making the logo unique. Custom fonts also play an important part here.

End Thoughts

Whatever be the logo, if you are involved in corporate branding in Dubai, you will realize that branding success is not instant. It is only when the business ideal fulfills its potential, does the brand and the logo it represents become a success.

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