While heart disease ranks as the number one cause of death for men and women, because it is linked to so many other causes of death, perhaps obesity should really claim that title. Whether it is heart disease, diabetes, smoking related deaths, or even cancer, obesity is at least a causal factor that can make each one of these ailments much much worse.

The fact is obesity has now become an epidemic. More than 40 MILLION Americans are considered obese. This statistic is staggering and in my opinion, pathetic. In 1982, less than 4% of children were considered obese, but today, that number is a mind blowing 30%! People are dying from heart disease in record numbers and the number of individuals who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (which is DIRECTLY related to being overweight) is on a sharp incline. Add to that the numbers of individuals who are diabetic and who have not been diagnosed yet, and you can see we have a huge problem on our hands. The sad fact is, there is perhaps no other malady that a person can suffer that is more curable than obesity, and the cures are more than obvious, and in fact, are free.

If you are overweight, you simply must do something about it NOW before it gets out of hand. The first step you need to take is to visit your doctor. If you do have some type of disease or ailment, it is best to be diagnosed as soon as possible so treatment can occur. In addition, you will want to get your heart checked to see if you are healthy enough to begin a fitness regimen.

Once you have visited your doctor, it is time to get moving. Exercise is movement, so I don’t care if all you do is walk, but you must do something, and do it every day. Sixty minutes of rigorous exercise per day is recommended. Sure, we all have time to play on the computer or watch the Simpson, I am sure that ANYONE can make time for a daily exercise routine if it means saving their life. If you don’t know how or what to do, hire a fitness trainer to help get you on the right track. They can help get you started on a regular exercise program of fat loss and weight training to help get your weight under control.

The next step is the foods you eat. In order to kill obesity, you have to take control of what you put in your mouth. Natural foods, not processed ones, are the key to success here. If it didn’t exist 3000 years ago, don’t put it in your mouth. In addition, focus on fruits and vegetables not meats and fats. Eating less can be tough, but it is the key to a long and health life.

These admonitions should be made clear to everyone in the entire world. Prevention is the key to so many diseases, not to mention what a healthy world would do to our cost of healthcare. If you are overweight, take action now, and kill obesity before it kills you.

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Emile Jarreau, aka Mr. Fat Loss, is fascinated by health, nutrition and weight loss. For more great info about obesity for losing weight and keeping it off visit MrFatLoss.com