13 signs related to kidney disease

One of the worst things that happen during chronic kidney disease is the diagnosis. Kidney diseases are hard to figure out in the early stages. Many individuals stay abstained from the fact that their kidneys are damaged and do not take treatment on time. It may take two to five years to know their organ is damaged if it happens to be chronic kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease develops gradually over time. Until the last stage, the kidneys work regularly, and no severe condition can be observed in the patients. The problem arises when CKD reaches end-stage renal disease, and by that time, the glomerular filtration rate drops to 15 or less. The fluid level in the blood rises, and waste accumulates in the bloodstream. This is the time you may know symptoms like changes in urination, swelling, etc., appearing Prognosing kidney disease based on signs is painful, but that's the only way to know how your kidneys are working.

Such signs include:

Changes in urination: The kidneys make urine from the fluid we consume. Fluid helps to detoxify our body to a large extent. But when the kidney function is not apt, the urine production process slows down. You may pass too little or no urine at all. Blood and pus may also accompany urine, giving it a frothy and bloody appearance.

Swelling: Also known as edema, swelling appears because of fluid retention. The fluid which accumulates in the blood skips to cells and tissues. Thus, the body starts to swell because of this. Puffy eyes, swollen face, legs, and ankles should be watched out during kidney disease prognosis.

Poor appetite: Waste buildup within the bloodstream may lead to reduced hunger levels. Your tummy may appear full, and your taste bud may have changed drastically; this signifies waste buildup in the blood.

Low concentration: If your kidneys are not filtering blood, waste flows within the body. Your brain also receives less oxygen than normal at this time, which means your capacity to think and remember gets dissolved during chronic kidney disease.

Chest pain: Waste buildup in the blood is the leading cause of multiple signs that appear during kidney disease prognosis. The toxic blood, when it reaches your heart, causes contraction in the heart muscles. The heart has to make more pressure for oxygen, and this is so why severe pain in your heart can be felt during CKD.

Shortness of breath: Fluid and waste buildup in the lungs' linings can cause shortness of breath. You may feel tough walking a certain distance because of severe panting.

Nausea and vomiting: Feeling nausea and vomiting is common during CKD. This also happens because of waste buildup in the blood.

High blood pressure: Hypertension is another cause and sign of kidney disease. Fluid retention during CKD damages kidney functions more by raising blood pressure. So managing high blood pressure is one of the best preventive measures you can take at this time.

Dry and itchy skin: The dryness of the skin is also related to waste buildup. Excess nutrients, when piled up in the blood, make your skin dry and patchy, which may not go away even after applying moisturizer.

Anemia: The kidneys are involved in the production of hormones for various purposes. One such hormone they produce is erythropoietin, which makes Red blood cells. During kidney damage, the low production of erythropoietin results in anemia.

Malnutrition: Improper food intake and low nutritional components in your food leaps to malnutrition. Consult an ayurvedic nephrologist for a healthy diet plan to solve your trouble.

Headaches and chills: Persistent headache, which is hard to go and cold when others around you feel warm in the room temperature.

Bone disease: In the wake of falling kidney function, the bone disease often seems familiar. This happens when phosphorus buildup in your blood that starts to pull out calcium from your bones.

Looking at these kidney disease prognosis symptoms, you can have an idea of your kidney function. If you need more help about the same, consult us at Karma Ayurveda.

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