Camera-shy? Get over it, fast!

If you want to have a successful business, now is not the time to be bashful.

Video marketing has become the most popular thing since sliced bread I think. Here are just a few stats about YouTube alone (remember there are many other video sharing sites as well as live streaming video sites):

300 Million Worldwide visitors per Month
5 Billion Video Streams Every Month

Think your prospects or market are not watching videos online? Think again!

It is a very powerful medium and should be a part of your marketing mix.

Here are some powerful ways you can use video to kickstart YOUR Marketing:

1) Build your brand with promotional videos - There are so many ways you can produce your own videos for little or no cost. You can use Microsoft Powerpoint to make a slideshow and edit with Windows Movie Maker. You can also use a neat online program that I absolutely love, called Animoto.

2) Build credibility Create some how-to or informational videos that will appeal to your market. You can base these videos from top questions or problems faced in your industry. The idea is to provide value to the viewer and showcase your expertise and knowledge.

3) Promote your website Each video submission to video sharing sites allows you to create a link back to your website. Video sharing sites, the more popular ones rank high in the search engine. This helps to increase your website page rank and bring unique traffic.

4) Networking Tool Connect with companies with complementary products or services to your industry. You can subscribe or 'friend' other companies with video sharing channels or profiles.

5) Build relationships Produce videos on a regular basis. Do some of the videos in person as opposed to slide shows. Share tips, insights and offer encouragement. Your prospects will start to feel like they 'know' you. And of course, people prefer to do business with people that they know, like and trust.

6) Build email list Link videos to your opt in page to help grow your email list.

7) Increase your opt in conversion or sales conversion Studies have proven that adding videos to squeeze or sales pages actually doubles your conversion rate.

8) Repurpose your content You can use videos to convey messages that were published on your blog or in article directories. This is a powerful tip because it means that you are able to multiply your efforts thereby saving time. You also get to reach an exponential amount of people. So those who prefer not to read but rather watch videos, will still have access to your content.

Video marketing allows you to own your stage or platform. You are not confined to a 30ss commercial during a certain time slot for thousands of dollars. You have a chance to showcase your business, product or service. You have total autonomy about how you will position your products or servics in the minds of your market. Video marketing for business also has an authenticity that is difficult to capture with a TV commercial or any other advertising medium.

Go ahead and add this component to your marketing mix today and reap the results tomorrow.

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From Stephanie Treasure, Information Marketing Strategist