While choosing kickboxing items go in for items that can fit comfortably and securely. Always buy best equipment to succeed. Kickboxing is a type of boxing that is done with feet rather than hands. For safety purpose, buy shin pads and mouth guards. Other essential equipments are boxing shorts, hand wraps and gauze. Shin guards are used to protect your legs from burns.
Kick boxer’s can go in for mouth guards that are made up of special material that when boiled give shape to your mouth. The process is simple. Boil the mouthpiece, run it under cool water for 2 seconds, place between your teeth and bite down. The mouth guard protects your teeth while kickboxing.
Hand wraps are worn by most of the kick-boxers over the past few years. Various types of hand wraps that are available include cotton wraps, gauze bandage hand wraps and elasticized wraps. Hand wraps are available in 120” and 180”. Always choose a hand wrap that is comfortable to wear. Elastic hand wraps or Mexican style wraps are the most desirable. Elastic hand wraps are more expensive than other wraps but well worth the money.
Kick boxing gloves protects your hands and fingers from injury. Go in for leather kick boxing gloves as it lasts longer and doesn’t rip as easily as plastic gloves. A beginner can buy a pair of 12 oz gloves as it is considered best for a beginner. Once you become a professional fighter, you can use 8 oz or 10 oz gloves. Your training begins and ends with the right gloves. To train well you need various types of gloves like bag gloves, training, aerobic and fight gloves. All these should be part of your kickboxing equipment.

Boxing shorts are a necessity when it comes to having the most mobility. Mobility is what kickboxing is revolved around. You can purchase any type of boxing shorts at a local sports store.

Kick boxing headgears is considered important equipment in martial arts. Headgear has a heavy padded disc that surrounds forehead, temples, ear protectors and chin.

Reasons to buy kick boxing equipments


You will need kickboxing gloves to protect your hands and headgear to protect your head from injury. If you wear all the protective equipments you can protect yourself from getting injured. If you do not wear these safety equipments you can damage your body and it can create adverse effect.


Kick boxing is an effective exercise for non-players. Non-players can lose their fat easily if they practice kickboxing techniques daily.


Many teenagers are going in for kickboxing classes to lose weight and also for enjoyment. By kickboxing they can remove their stress from mind.


The fact that you have spend money and time on kick boxing equipment puts you in a state of mind where you have the leverage to do the workout, to lose fat.

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