What Matters the Most is How it Feels wearing that t-shirt, Rather than How it Looks like

Whether our favourite t-shirt is full of holes or its stained, we love to wear it again and again. Some t-shirts are so comfortable and effortlessly beautiful that we cannot throw it. Your clothes are not your personality but definitely a very essential part of who you are. Designing a t-shirt looks simple but you need to use both your head and heart to give it a sassy look. Today t-shirts are not just a t-shirt, it is a great way to make your brand famous. Whatever is your purpose, t-shirt designing is an art that is equivalent to a dozen other arts. Are you ready to dive your thoughts and make an amazing designer t-shirt? Here we go with some of the trendiest tips on designing a coolest tee.

What is the Purpose of Designing?

Whether your motive is to earn money from the t-shirt designing or you just like to wear such casual tee, designing a t-shirt is always fun. In case you are doing it for a promotional purpose, your main goal would be publicity of your brand. You cannot just make it at once, research work is necessary when you are weaving any design in the tee.

To simplify the work, the first thing to do is to make a list of the themes you want to add in the t-shirt. What do you want to signify from your t-shirt? Want to keep your brand design funny or serious? If you want to sell the most luxurious clothes or affordability is what you count? Ask all these questions to yourself and then make a final decision. If there is a theme in your mind or you want to customize it, visit JoSa Imaging , one of the Cheapest T-Shirt Printing Singapore.

Whether you are simply designing a t-shirt or using it as merchandise, the brand logo is a must thing to be included. It gives a strong impression to the t-shirt, making a separate identity. The similar thing also applies for advertisement. There are many companies that provide the t-shirt of their company to the people who show great performance. If you are starting a designing company you will get greater profit these days as t-shirts are a product which can be sold easily due to its amazing themes. Once you have a rough idea of design, you can forward the task to any tailor to expand your work.

Set Your Budget & Quantity

Once you know which theme you will employ for the t-shirt, the second step is to decide the quantity to make and also estimate the price of per t-shirt. How many t-shirts will be of the same design? The color of the t-shirt also matters a lot when you are in designing business. If you are in a low-budget, use fewer colors. The printing method is also an important aspect to be considered. In bulk printing, the cost will be minimal so make sure you also go for this type. If the printing of the same design is lesser, the cost will be higher and you won’t be able to make more profit. In case, you do not have much knowledge or want to know the printing process in deep, t-shirt printing Singapore is the best option you have.

Find One Creative T-shirt Designer

Design on the paper is incomplete until it is not done on the t-shirt. You may have terrific ideas to design the t-shirt but you will also need a smart designer to make your theme a great reality. If you are designing the t-shirt on your own, you can save lots of money. If you are doing it for business purposes, you have to take help from the one who is professional. You are unaware of the technical aspects of design, so try to spend some money on designing. Designing is a huge process that includes branding, graphic designing, and selling of the product.

Some people also hire a freelancer to get away with procedures like marketing, graphic designing, and branding. Collaborating with a freelancer is not an easy task and you need a good engagement with a freelancer to make the designing work fun. A freelancer designer must know what you are looking for, rather than just implementing the design he or she wants. Moreover, the designer's personality and ideas will also help you to think about ideas you never thought about.

Once you meet that right designer who can put your design into practice, tell them every detail about your design. Details include colors, logos, t-shirt type, and style. Give everything which is important for your designer to know about.

Printing of the T-shirt

Once you have decided that this type of design or theme will be suitable for you, start the printing work. You have to choose the printing method which is effective but does not cost you a lot of money. To choose the right method is not as easy as licking candy and it comes with time and experience. But to make the deal easy for you... we bring the ice-breaker tips. Scroll down!

If it has an in-house art department, you can know that the printing will be done there.

Request the design of the samples, through which you would get an idea of how well the printing is done.

Build a good relationship with the person who has specialized knowledge in printing as that would help you with future deals.

If you are getting a good result from one printing machine, try to continue working with the same printing machine.

Also, get pre-press proof, to be sure that you want the exact design to be printed.

Before the final printing work, analyze all the charges which can be hidden and worry you latter.

Let’s Get Started

Designing looks simple, but it will consume everything in you from your money to mind.

There is no crash course when comes to designing and the skills set increases with time and experience.

It may sound depressing but few designs would not get sold for the first time as t-shirt designing needs precision.

As said above, you would need the right designer to minimize your efforts and get you the perfect result.

T-shirt designing is a booming area so if you have the capability of thinking of an innovative idea, the ground is yours. Once your brand will be known once, you have a great chance to become successful in the field.

We believe this guide will help you with your vision of making good designs for the customer. If you are making a t-shirt for yourself, take the help of the internet where you will get an endless idea to give wings to your thoughts.

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