If you've tried many times to quit smoking but you haven't been able to make it permanent, it may be time to consider the little talked about spiritual side of addiction: Ghosts.

What do ghosts have to do with an addiction to cigarettes? More than you may realize.

We've found through our many years of empirical research that after the physical body dies, the soul goes to the "Light" or remains earthbound and becomes a "lost soul." If they died an addict, the lost soul will attempt to feed their addiction by attaching to a living human. This is called spirit attachment. Heavy smokers sometimes have a whole army of lost souls using them as a host.

Stephen smoked cigarettes socially in college, mostly on the weekends. Before he graduated, he made a firm decision to quit, then attended a party a few days later. He wasn't consciously aware of lost souls at the time, but he remembers resisting the urge to smoke and then having the sensation of something lift off of him as if it were leaving his energy field. Suddenly, the desire to smoke had
greatly diminished.

19 years later, still a non-smoker, he moved into a new home that he later realized was in an area full of lost souls; the recently renovated neighborhood had formerly contained many crack houses. Within the first day in his new home, he had a strong urge to smoke. As he lay in bed that night reading, he suddenly had a strong taste of nicotine in his mouth, as if he were a heavy smoker of very strong cigarettes, much stronger than the brand he smoked in college.

Because of his work with Spiritual Detox (tm) and understanding the withdrawal process and cravings which had stopped for him long ago, he knew this wasn't his urge but instead a lost soul trying to use him as a nicotine host. Eventually, after Stephen refused to give in, he perceived the lost soul drift off in search of another host.

In our view, this problem is quite common yet easy to miss. The following signs suggest that a lost soul is encouraging addiction.

1) A sudden urge to smoke when you haven't for a long time or never did before, especially if you recently visited a hospital, morgue, cemetery, or bar.

2) Tasting nicotine in your mouth, even though you haven't smoked in weeks or ever.

3) Hearing voices urging you to smoke. It's easy to confuse your own thoughts with those of a lost soul, especially if you are under extreme stress or otherwise not centered, so pay attention to how you're feeling at the time. Does it really feel like your idea to have that cigarette?

These signs can also apply to addictions related to alcohol, drugs, and food, and lost souls can influence relationships and sexual orientation as well.

If you feel a sudden and strong urge to smoke, especially if you're not physically addicted, do the following:

1) Surround yourself with a bright white Light. Imagine the sun or lightning striking, protecting and purifying you. The subconscious mind can't tell the difference between real and imagined, and its power is enormous, so make sure to capitalize on it.

2) Acknowledge that it's not your desire and let it go.

3) If you sense an entity present, tell it to go to the Light and point upwards, or that it will need to find someone else to use.

Deciding to quit is half the battle. Following through with your goal will be difficult at first, but after the spiritual hitchhikers realize they won't be able to smoke through you anymore, most, and potentially all will eventually leave.


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