We've both met the various "how to make money online" bots and courses that claim to have secrets of helping you break the bank. I don't want to delve into the details, but most of them aren't going to deliver their promises. In fact, I've fallen prey to some, and the experience was something I can't enjoy narrating.

I've since been so keen on the kind of online courses I interact with. After bumping on The Kibo Code, I thought it wise to share my review of the course with you. So before you read on, congratulations on doing your research!

What Is The Kibo Code?

The Kibo Code is an eCommerce training program that is yet to be launched. Its launch date is anticipated to be in January 2020. It shall have six modules that shall be taught for eight weeks. The course teaches you how to make hundreds of dollars a month using eCommerce, with the least effort and knowledge. Let's see what one should expect to learn from The Kibo Code.

What To Expect From It

1. Everything about eCommerce and the course's eCommerce unique model.
2. To own an eCommerce website within minutes.
3. Learn how to sell products online, even without stocking them.
4. Identify secret ways to convert leads into customers.
5. Learn how to maintain customers.
6. Sell products from a wide variety of niches.
7. Many more.

How It Works

The idea of this program is drawn from the working principle of one very famous Japanese brick and mortar store. This store is said to make billions of dollars using its unique eCommerce model. The model involves the webshop filling its online store with thousands of products for sale.

It then waits to observe customer behavior — with the sole intention of identifying what sells the most. Once identified, the highest-selling products are made more visible than others. Those that don't sell are demoted from the list.

The Price

Kibo Code only costs $ 3,497. Something impressed me with this price — there's a 30-day money-back guarantee that comes with it. Also, the course is totally worth the price. You can assess the viability of the program for these days to see if it works out. Therefore, the price shouldn't sound as much as it would seem without a guarantee. Remember that the two great brains behind this product allowed for the 30-day guarantee since they were sure that you'd like the product and proceed to purchase it without a worry.

The Authors

The authors of this course are two both successful and experienced eCommerce gurus — Steve Clayton and Aiden Booth. I like these authors because there's evidence of success in them. They've got several other successful brainchildren, and this just an additional one that explores a different field. Some of the leading software developed by this pair are; 100k Factory and Parallel Profit among others.

No individual with common eCommerce knowledge can develop such a program, and no one can even accept a program from such a rookie. So this is one of the main reasons why The Kibo Code is expected to be received.

Is It Viable?

I would say yes if prompted to do so. Although I've not been into it yet, I'm in love with the plans it has. The money-back-guarantee allows one to evaluate the worth of the course, after which s/he can decide to purchase or snub it. That's an offer that's only common with quality assured products.

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