The Khao Lak area is one of the most diverse food mixes in southern Thailand, with excellent dining and ethnic options, including several German, Indian and Italian restaurants. However, if you’re looking for authentic Thai food, it’s hard to find real trade-in Khao Lak, and in mainland Thailand, overall food prices are very high - a sequel to Phuket’s inflated prices. Check our 15 popular ร้านอาหารเขาหลัก here.

Because it is largely a tourist area, finding authentic Thai food can be difficult in Khao Lak. A great spot to start is the night market near seven-eleven and the taxi line at the entrance to the road leading to Bang Niang Beach. While even here, most kiosks sell mainly souvenirs and beachwear to tourists, several vendors are offering authentic Thai delicacies such as moo ping with sticky rice, puff pastry rat, and sweet banana or mango with coconut sticky rice.

Just down the street is another market that sets up a bus station behind and serves more locals, so this is a great place to look for spicy southern curry and take a picture of Asian red chili peppers in a real Thai market.

If you’re looking for seafood, you can’t go wrong with Sala or Khao Lak’s seafood restaurant, which is close together on Phet Kasem Rd in Bang Thong. They are expensive but offer hearty portions of fresh seafood consistent with Thai sauces, and both have a full bar.

In Bang Niang, we had a glorious experience at a beach restaurant and bar positioned right on the beach near Chong Fah Resort. The grilled giant shrimp, steamed fish, cashew chicken, and tom yum soup was perfectly cooked, a generous portion, and very tasty. Sunset views and food quality make the beach profitable at half price.

If you’re looking for a reliable restaurant for a Thai lunch, we recommend Sangthawn Restaurant on the central road connecting Bang Niang and Khuk Khak Beaches. They made us a spicy and tasty portion of Thai krapow chicken with a fried egg, and their bright homemade cakes with tropical fruits also look tempting.

Following in Bang Thong, the ten-star coffee and food on Phet Kasem Rd became a stop for Thai food and coffee. Something was missing from their tom yum, but the curries and french fries they tried were tasty, even if they could have gone a little further from the spice to their liking. Still, they also offer decent sandwiches and pasta dishes, good coffee, are open all day until 11 pm, they have a fun and lively atmosphere with a full bar and constantly friendly young staff.

Holes in wall noodle and curry shops, so common virtually everywhere else in Thailand, are rare in Khao Lak, but a traditional noodle rack with an English menu favored by locals and tourists is just across the road from Khao Lak. Lak seafood in Bang Thong.

Something of a higher standard and in an romantic setting, the Diamond Bar in the middle of Bang Thong has a smart but expensive Thai fusion menu with solid cocktails and wine and a more urban atmosphere with live music most of the time. nights.

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