This is Google's main focus--”Content is King.”
To Write great content you must have the ability to perform proper keyword research. You research for the keywords (Google Keyword Planner)you are going to write your content around and that “Keyword Content Will Make Money Online.”

When you are writing content, whether it be articles, blog posts, web writing or whatever it may be. Keep that statement in mind and you will make money online. Google is about content while Facebook tends to lean to Social Media.
Both of these giants are superior to all the other sites because of these two main themes. They deliver quality results to their visitors.

I've been online for 8 years and seven of those years I have been writing SEO articles that rank high on Google. In those 7 years I've come to realize that Google is extremely partial to two elements in SEO content writing.

Keyword placement Content that delivers great value If you get these two main factors correct Google will reward you with enormous amounts of highly targeted organic traffic to your blog or site.

This is my expertise. I've learned how Google wants your main keywords In the Title and sprinkled throughout your content with a couple alternate keywords that will compliment your main keywords.

For example; let's take the keyword “ make money online.” This would be your main keyword phrase that you would place in your Title, in your first paragraph, in the middle of your article and then close with a strong “call to action” using this main keyword.

Your alternate keywords should be used to add credibility to your main keywords. For example; your alternate keywords might be--”working from home.” Using these as alternative keywords would be written like this.

“Work from home” is a great way to make money online.” You should only add these maybe twice--Just enough times to point authority to your main keywords. This will be a well written article that will rank high in Google.

One last comment I want to make is, Google is not the least bit concerned about your ability to write or not to write high quality wording content. What Google loves is content that adds value and can keep your visitors to the end of the content. Content that brings your readers to your site or blog on a consistent basis. That is what Google loves.

This is how I write keyword content that will make money online.

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