- The Secret to Productive Routines


We all have habits and routines - some of them help us achieve our goals and some don't!


Setting up productive new routines can be tough, so it makes sense to use the easiest, most efficient process possible! Fortunately, there are certain habits that make taking charge of your time and your tasks easier.


Keystone Habits


The most powerful strategy for getting control of your life is to concentrate on forming a special kind of habit - a super habit - a Keystone habit.


In the everyday magic of Keystone habits, you're going to find what you are looking for - follow-through, time management, organization and everything else that’s calling you from your heart.


Keystone habits act like fertile soil - other new habits just seem to spring up on their own! They are the equivalent of "buy one, get many free" deals!


And Keystone habits also have the power to dismantle the counterproductive habits you want to eliminate so you can make your life more manageable!


How to spot a Keystone habit


Keystone habits have 3 characteristics. First of all, they give you numerous small senses of victory. You feel that you're making more headway than you expected to by just forming that one habit! They give you an emotional high and the brain loves this by the way.


In terms of the process of forming a new habit, the emotional reward you receive from Keystone habits is more intense than the reward you get from regular habits. This greater reward we experience accelerates the process of getting the new habit in place!


The second important characteristic of keystone habits is that they encourage other productive habits to form as a by-product. Keystone habits flexibly incorporate other habits that seem to “go well” with them and in fact encourage them to join the party, so to speak! It's sort of like the "buy one get one free" special, except a great keystone habit might actually be the equivalent of something like "buy one, get 5 free"!


The third characteristic of keystone habits brings us back to our value system. A keystone habit embodies our deepest values. Think of your values as the star that guides your life. Keystone habits are the mechanism by which you access that star. A keystone habit speaks to your heart in meaningful ways! You just know it is the right way to go.


Keystone habits have the power to dismantle the counterproductive habits you want to eliminate because of their deep connection with your values. You'll really be pleased by the effect your new keystone habit will have on the rest of your life!


Forming a Keystone Habit


So how should you BEGIN the process of identifying and establishing a keystone habit? You'll want to think through the characteristics of a keystone habit and come up with a couple of possible habits that might actually be keystone habits for you.


You'll want to think about things that are associated with positive memories in your life and represent the qualities that you would like to embody in the world! You'll want to find things that give you confidence to do new things because they are a true reflection of the values you have for your life - you see yourself achieving in the things that matter to you and your passion kicks in! Passion is very hard to stop when it's properly nourished.


Several areas are particularly suitable for developing keystone habits - exercise routines, dietary changes, meditation, journaling, and eliminating negative mindsets. There are other habits that have been proven to be likely candidates for keystone habits too.


yes  You don't need to do it alone!


You can download my guide to help you identify and "hire" your first Keystone habit!


When it comes to getting in charge of your time, your tasks, your LIFE - go after Keystone habits! If you understand these *super* habits and how to harness them, you can dramatically improve your work, your health, and your relationships … and start living the life you deserve.


I'm delighted to walk you through the process of getting a Keystone habit into your life! Download my easy to use guide here.


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