One of the most important keys to success is understanding that failure’s most dangerous attribute is subtlety. Recognizing failure and taking action to get on the right course is one of the critical keys to success in business and life. Many people see it as one grand event such a business failing. Yet, there were many small errors in judgment repeated every day over a period of time that led up to the grand event.
Keys To Success: Recognizing Small Failures
As a business coach, I have the privilege of collaborating with and supporting many successful self-employed individuals whether they be entrepreneurs, solo professionals. I also work with corporate executives.
Regardless of the position or the company one of the underlying keys to success for all of these individuals is recognizing the small failures before they become something big that can’t be corrected.
To borrow from the poet, Robert Frost, failure is like the fog that “comes in on little cat feet.” It is quiet. You may not even hear it or see it. But, it is there.
Keys To Success: The Right People
To avoid failure, we must become dependent on the right people. After all, I have never found a rich hermit. Dependency means we have other people as mirrors in our lives to reflect back to us what they are seeing and what is truly happening.
As a business owner, small business success isn’t about being the Lone Ranger. Even the Lone Ranger needed Tonto to keep him on track. In running a small business it is crucial to find the right people to support you.
These people can help guide you and is some cases even train you to be more aware of the failure you must avoid in order to have the small business success you desire.
Keys To Success: Training Course
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Start becoming more. You are the most important asset in your business and life. When you become more you attract more. And when you attract more it changes your life. There are many keys to success but the most important key is you and your continued personal growth.

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