Success is not something that is haphazard or that happens quickly in life. People who are successful generally find success after they have worked hard and persevered through many trying times. The thing that makes people successful is when opportunity meets hard work.

Many people find success as a result of their hard work without the benefit of that unexpected opportunity. You can rest assured that the person who gets there has spent the shoe leather and worked until muscle failure time and time again before he or she stumbled onto the road to success. If you turn over every possible stone you will find success somewhere. Successful people don’t quit when the odds are stacked high against them. This is one of the qualities which make them successful.

Successful people are always active. They are looking for the next event or project. They will not sit and rest on one victory but will always look forward to the next event. They won’t lie around all day and sleep when there is work to be done. These people will take the bull by the proverbial horns when it comes to situations. They will make the situation work for them.

These people have an objective in mind when they begin. Every boxer who is serious about the sport wants to be the world champion. This is the goal of all of their training. Every good football player wants to play in the NFL. All work is done with this objective in mind. There is planning, coordination, and execution leading up to the desired event. The person who maps out their own path knows where they want to go and figures out a way to get there. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get there. If they have to outwork or out study the next guy then that’s exactly what they will do. Two modern day athletes who come into mind here are Larry Byrd and Peyton Manning. These are exceptional athletes but not because of their extraordinary athletic ability. These athletes are good because they put in the extra work required. They used whatever strengths that they had to win.

Successful people are disciplined. Any internet marketer who has made money on the internet has done so because he or she has put in long hard hours of work. Being successful on the internet requires many tedious hours of hard, boring, monotonous work. You have to sit in front of a keyboard day after day, hour after hour, month after month, until you get the job done. There are a myriad of details which have to be taken care of in order to be successful. Many times overlooking one small detail will crash your apple cart. Successful people make sure that the details are taken care of.

Successful people won’t accept or even think about defeat. They often seem to be blind to the thought of failure or negative circumstances. I have dealt with successful people who I thought had mental problems because it seemed that they could not even see things that were wrong and needed to cause concern. One lesson that I have learned is that when you begin to look down or back you will begin to fall down or back. Sometimes successful people are overbearing. This is only a reflection of their win attitude.

Successful people are knowledgeable about the endeavor that they are involved in. The thing that made Edwin Moses great as a hurdler was that he was one of the first to watch slow motion film of his technique during a race. He would make the necessary corrections, incorporate them into his training and improve his speed. Peyton Manning is such a student of pro football that he can look at a defense and come up with the right play to gain yards. He is so smart that he has total control of play calling at the line of scrimmage to change the existing play to whatever he feels like it needs to be. This works for him and is the primary reason for his success.

Learn how to utilize peoples and situations to work for your benefit. Sometimes your success or failure may rely on a person who you don’t even know very well. Learn how to apply people to situations and circumstances. Learn how to maneuver around different situations and circumstances when necessary. Put all of these things together and there is no doubt that you will enjoy a greater degree of success in life. The Good Life

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