What are the business keys to success? If we knew what they were then everyone would use them and all businesses would be successful. I think you would agree that whether you are an entrepreneur, solo professional or a business owner running a small business one of the keys to success is your ability to grow in your thinking and your abilities.

It all sounds so very simple. Once again, if it were then everyone would do it. There are many ways to attain business success. More education is more readily available than at any time in our history. Yet, the failure rate of small business has remained unchanged over the last thirty years. If you are starting your own business your probability of succeeding after seven years is less than 20%.

How come the rate for business success, small business success in particular extremely low? There are many answers but the biggest one has to do with the business owner and the size of this thinking. As a business coach I have seen self-employed entrepreneurs and solo professionals start with a complete business plan and a good marketing strategy and fail.

And, I have in my business coaching collaborated with and supported business owners who don’t have detailed plans yet they become very successful. They become successful because they choose to personally grow. Think about it. As a business owner your business will get no bigger than your thinking.

Some ways to grow include having a business coach. Business coaching, if you are ready, provides accountability to accelerate the process of your successful performance. With business coaching you can cut down the cycle time to accomplish what you want and build forward momentum.

Another way to grow whether you are starting your own business or running a small business is through training. Taking a useful course can be helpful. But, the danger here is that you can spend too much time on education and not enough on actually doing what you need to get ahead.

This can become educated procrastination. You keep putting things off until you have all the information and facts. By the time you get around to executing what you have learned you have either lost your focus on your business or it is too late.

Another option is taking a membership course for a fixed term. These may last up to a year. Some are as short as a month. One that lasts 5 months and focuses on small business success is at www.BusinessKeysToSuccess.com.

It is focused and in a short period of time designed to put you a path to more quickly getting where you want to go. It will guide you and train you to become more in your business and life.

The focus of Business Keys To Success is to teach you to accomplish. Some courses teach you just to learn. That is not this course. Some courses, and this course is one of them, teach you to accomplish.

After all, your success as a small business owner or in running your own business is not in what you learned but what you accomplished. Grab you copy today at www.BusinessKeysToSuccess.com and start yourself on the exciting journey of becoming more, attracting more and creating the business and life you desire.

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More detailed information can be found at www.businesskeystosuccess.com. Created by Steve Scott. The definitive guide to a better business and a better you for entrepreneurs, solo rofessionals and self-employed individuals striving to reach the top and who are serious about their success.