As a business owner in Mount Pleasant, you are responsible for the security of your premises, employee, and asset. This includes keeping track of employees’ entry and exit times, changing permission as necessary, and ensuring the doors are locked when business is closed as well as handle unexpected security incidents. All these things can be handled easily and seamlessly with Keyless Entry System. This cloud-enabled technology is gaining popularity across multiple industries and offers businesses the opportunity to simplify their everyday activities while keeping the facility and assets properly secured. 

If you are looking to upgrade your locking system, then a keyless system is the best, but ensure that you work with a reliable and trustworthy locksmith Mount Pleasant to replace your locks. One such company is 843 Locksmith and they offer services from installation, repairs, and replacements of keyless entry systems. 

What are Keyless Entry Systems?

The function of the keyless entry system is self-explanatory from the name, however, it bears more description in this rapidly expanding technological environment. Keyless entry systems are access control systems that grant entry to a limited or restricted area but do not require a physical key to unlock. They are available in 5 different types, biometric, keypads, key fobs, intercoms, and smart locks. Whatever system you choose, they all help improve security, grant authorized access, and give the person in charge, more control over the facility.

How Does the Keyless Entry System Work?

Keyless Entry System is also known as remote central locking. It makes use of an electronic device that sends a radio frequency identification technology (RFID) signal to a control module. This RFID signal is an encrypted data stream that helps open the lock. Smart locks are the most versatile keyless entry systems among all as they have a combination of access controls.

Major Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems

Keyless entry systems offer a lot of benefits for businesses. The most prominent ones are:


Using a keyless entry system is a lot more convenient for you and your employees. You do not have to worry about the keys being stolen or misplaced. This is an advanced system that allows only authorized users to gain access to office and other doors with just a tap of a button on the smartphones. 

Improve Security

With a keyless entry system installed, your business is more secure than ever. Physical key door locks pose a lot of threat to your facility such as the danger of unauthorized entry, key duplication, and other such practices that compromise the security. However, with a keyless entry system, all such practices are eliminated, thus rendering complete security and peace of mind.

Tracking in Place

The keyless entry systems installed at your office have software that keeps track of anyone who enters the building. It can keep records of visitors, employee attendance, and the general population in a building. Automatic alerts on unauthorized access are given, thus offering peace of mind that your facility is always secure.

Access Control

With a keyless entry system, business owners have more control over who is authorized to enter and leave the office. The system is customizable allowing the person in charge to change the permission for access anytime and secure the business when it is closed. It also can be programmed to prevent access to restricted areas of your facility. 

This is all about keyless entry systems and the best system for a commercial setting varies based on the building, the number of employees, and the security needs of the business. If you are looking to install a keyless entry system in your office, work with 843 Locksmith. They have a team of experienced locksmith In Mount Pleasant who can provide all types of locksmith services for your keyless entry systems. Get in touch with them today at (843) 535-0357.

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