MLA Style for Title Pages: A Standardized Format for Academic Documentation

In academic writing, a research paper is considered an important part. It is important to remember that research papers always contain different formats for proper documentation and formatting. MLA and APA referencing are the two most often used styles all over the world.

Anyways, here we will go according to the style for standardized publishing as listed in Modern Language Association’s publication manual . In this article, I will present a brief look on how you can use MLA style of referencing for title pages. MLA writing format is extensively used formatting method. You can easily find several essays with MLA format.
Things to Remember

Officially speaking, MLA does not involve a title page. However, if your instructor or supervisor asks you to include a title page then you have to follow certain instructions which are most often adopted.

Remember, always give preference what your instructor ask you to do because your instructor or supervisor is the only person who gives you the final grade. Below are some guidelines for title page MLA format. Just have a look and keep these instructions in mind while working on MLA paper with title page or MLA headings for essay papers.
Title Page is not Counted in the Total Page Count

First of all, in MLA style, title page is not counted in the total page count. So, it does not include page number while you do formatting. The first page of the paper will always be the page that contains the text. Title page will be excluded in this regard.
Title Should be Placed in the Center of the Paper

So, if you use MLA format for title page then begin the title of your thesis or research paper in the center just two inches from top of the paper. The margin of the paper is always one inch so these two inches from top and bottom is the only deviation that is specified for the title page.
Writer’s Name Should be Mentioned on the Title Page

From the top of the title page, just ½ an inch below from the top, you have to add your name. Name of the writer should also be included as header on every page. In MLA format, this information is used in upper right corner.
Margins on Title Page

On title page, there are always one inch margins present on the top and bottom of the page. Moreover, one inch margin is also left in left and right directions.
Double Space Format

Proper MLA title page always include double space format. Sample MLA title page can easily be viewed online. Online available well written researched papers always include title page in the beginning.

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